Tangale Intelligentsia Movement Slams “Mai Tangle” Over Alleged Assault



Following the alleged assault on Joram Jonathan, Manasseh Abubakar Masa, Jothan Japhet Kashere by thugs loyal to “Mai Tangle” Malam Danladi Sanusi, the Tangale Intelligentsia Movement (TIM), has said he cannot force Tangale people to respect him, vowing to seek redress in court.
This was contained in a statement jointly signed by its Organizing  Secretary, Benjamin Dangoma Tanglang and Publicity Secretary, I.Y. Melah, made available to our correspondent on Tuesday June 22, 2021.
“This recent arrogance, discourteous, audacious and shameful display of crude force by Malam Danladi Sanusi is unacceptable by the entire Tangale people, and TIM will stop at nothing until this wrong is addressed through the instrumentality of the Law,” it said.

TIM said that it came to their notice  that, “on Friday  June 18, 2021, Mallam Danladi Sanusi (the representative of Governor Inuwa Yahaya in Billiri) started doing the bidding of his paymasters.
“We gathered reliably that after the Juma’at prayers of the above stated date, he (Mallam Danladi) took a ride with some okada riders from Kumo town (hired crowd) who were rallying around him, cheering him up like a new groom whose wedding was just concluded. The entourage went as far as Komta, by Hospital junction in Billiri town. 
“On their way back to Poshiya, they came across some gentlemen seated around Kalkulum area of Bare Ward, the thugs that he’s known to be carrying about insisted that they stand up and greet the man on the horse. They didn’t see the need to do so, as it is a strange practice to a Tangale man,” it said.
They alleged that Joram Jonathan, Manasseh Abubakar Masa, Jothan Japhet Kashere were among the people who “unjustly received beating on the account of not standing to greet Mallam Danladi, who was only taking a ride as an ordinary citizen as far as TIM and the Tangale people are concerned.”
They used this medium to warn that, while TIM is interested and ready to commence an action in the court of law against Malam Danladi Sanusi for violating the fundamental rights of the three persons mentioned above, they want Malam Danladi Sanusi to know that he is not the Mai Tangle. 
“Consequently, he cannot order people to respect him at all cost to the point of beating them. He should be reminded that he has been rejected and the best thing for him is to return to his masters and hide his face in shame.
“For the records, we want to caution Malam Danladi Sanusi and his thugs to desist from, and resist any temptation to embark on actions that are likely to trigger reprisals. The good people of Tangale kingdom have had enough of this rascality. It Must stop with immediate effect!
“We also want the general public to take special notice of the event under review. It will be recalled that Malam Danladi Sanusi was the one who Governor Inuwa Yahaya fought tooth and nail to impose on the Tangale people,” they stressed. 
The group said that since his imposition and eventual rejection, Malam Danladi has been parading himself as Mai Tangale despite been rejected by all and sundry.
“Malam Danladi must have misinterpreted the actions of some self seeking politicians who clandestinely romance with him as  acceptance by the good people of Tangale, hence the decision to show his true color (violence) by beating innocent people, in a very uncivilized and disgusting manner. 
“The actions of Malam Danladi Sanusi clearly shows his lack of understanding of the Customs and Tradition of the people he wants to rule. 
“This is not coming to us as a surprise, because only a prince who lacks patriotism, royal grooming and traditional awareness would allow himself to be used by outsiders like Governor Inuwa Yahaya to cause division and confusion in Tangale land,” the statement noted.


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