Quality Of Lagos-Ibadan Railway Modernization Infrastructure Delights Transport Minister, As He Expects Better on Kaduna-Abuja, Ibadan-Abuja Lines

File photo: Minister for Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi; chatting with journalists after the inspection of Train Station in Ibadan in Oyo State. Photo: AKINOLA ARIYO


Minister of Transportation, Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, is delighted that Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge railway modernization project has been accomplished, and that it is of high quality.
He has, therefore, charged the contractor, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) to ensure that the qualities of Kaduna-Abuja, and Ibadan-Abuja rail infrastructure will surpass the quality of Lagos-Ibadan structure.
Amaechi stated this at an award presentation and dinner event for journalists which took place at Eko Hotels,  Lagos on Tuesday.
He said: “Despite the ups and downs, today we can say the project is delivered. The quality of work, unless it’s cosmetic, what you’re seeing so far is good. We can pride ourselves to say that what we have seen today is better than what we have in Kaduna and Abuja, because of the quality of the terminals built.
“We hope that the ones they will build in Kaduna-Abuja and Ibadan-Abuja will be of the same quality as we have seen in Lagos.”
He warned that delays in executing contracts will no longer be tolerated from the contractor.
Explaining the reason why the event was organized, Amaechi declared: “What I did today is to start by thanking CCECC. If you know, it wasn’t easy between me and CCECC. We fought our battles. They didn’t keep to the agreement of the contract. The agreement was that they must finish before three years.”
He pointed out that the project started when there was no road, “and we created roads for ourselves,” got to the stage of using the rail line, until the project reached the present stage of completion.
Speaking about the award he conferred on journalists, the transportation minister said: “I don’t know what we will do that is too much to compensate the contribution by everybody, not just the Press, but everybody who is involved in one way or the other,” in ensuring the successful completion of the project.
The “special recognition award of excellence” is a ministerial recognition for the immense dedication, contributions and commitment of transport journalists towards the successful completion of the Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge Railway with extension to Apapa seaport from year 2017 to 2021.
The minister of transportation commended the awardees, which included New Nigerian Newspapers’ reporter, Matthew Ukachunwa, for their service to the nation, Nigeria.
“This is to inspire you to do more in all your endeavours,”  Amaechi told the beneficiaries of the Federal Ministry of Transportation award.


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