Presidency Fuelling Ethnic Distrust, Worsening Disunity, Tension Among Nigerians – Yoruba Council Of Elders

President Buhari

By; BAYO AKAMO,  Ibadan

Amidst the insecurity in the country, the Yoruba Council of Elders, (YCE) ” Igbimo Agba Yoruba” on Thursday alleged the presidency of worsening disunity, tension and fuelling ethnic distrust among Nigerians 
Addressing journalists in Ibadan at the end of its meetings held at the Council’s World Secretariat declared that instead of strengthening the cord of unity that binds Nigerians together,  the presidency is taking job in fuelling embarks of discord among Nigerians 
The Igbimo Agba Yoruba in a communique issued after its meeting, jointly read by the YCE  National President,  Justice Demola Bakre(rtd) and Secretary General, Dr Kunle Olajide, it accused the Presidency of always urging Nigerians to unite, but with its actions and utterances in sharp contrast to what it is preaching.
“The presidency urges Nigeria to unite yet it continues to act in ways that aggravate disunity, tension, and consequently mutual ethnic distrust by the nepotistic appointments. Buhari administration is grossly insensitive’, it said.
Igbimo Agba Yoruba stressed  ” he talks down on state government who have the mandate of their people to govern them. President Buhari sees Nigerians as conquered people, slaves in their own land”.
” He made 19 appointments and all are Muslims. I’m a Muslim, but that’s not Nigerian. We must do things that unite all of us; that will make us look like one. As a young man, I lived in North. In the early 50’s, I was a registration staff. We didn’t know the difference between Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.
” Nigeria is a living lie, experiences and reality of the last six years of the Buhari administration bring to the fore the reality that we still remain a mere geographical expression”, 
Igbimo Agba Yoruba stressed further, “the Buhari administration has remained very insensitive to the challenges confronting the country, the sufferings of the people. President Buhari in 2016 invited any African willing to come to Nigeria to come and they will be issued Visa at the borders. Clearly, that was an invitation to chaos. President has continued to speak in Chad, to address heads of state in France, Mali but has refused to address his people at home. President must address Nigerians”.On the comments credited to the Attorney General of the Federation, YCE maintained that it was difficult to believe if the author of the comments ever attended a Law school.


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