Don’t Bring Sharia To South West Part Of Nigeria, PFN


*says ongoing constitutional review ploy to achieve such

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) on Thursday alerted that the ongoing constitutional review might be a ploy to allegedly introduce Sharia law to South West Nigeria.
PFN while raising the alarm in a statement from the media office of its President,  Bishop Francis Wale Oke, cautioned the Senate against plunging Nigeria into major religious crisis”.
According to PFN, there are alleged subterranean moves by some groups to introduce Sharia Law to South West of the country through the ongoing constitutional review being carried out by the Senate.
PFN stressed, to this end, the Senate should not ” succumb to such agitation capable of further plunging the country into major religious crisis” but rather, direct their energies towards solving the mounting problems bedeviling the country, especially as its concerns the security of lives and property of the populace.
“The problems confronting our nation are enormous than wanting to create more. Sharia Law is alien to our culture of religious existence in the South-West. As such, nobody should through any subterfuge, bring it in so as to cause crisis” the Fellowship asserted”, it said.
PFN emphasized that the introduction of such law into South West, would aim by its sponsors, at pitching the Christians against their Muslims counterparts, saying, ” we want to strongly warn the Senate and those behind this plan to unsettle the peace being enjoyed in this country, to desist before it’s too late”. 
“Don’t instigate religious crisis in the South west; this could further threaten the fragile peace of the country. The secularity of our existence which is devoid of any religious upheaval, should not be tampered with under whatever guise. We shall resist this by every legal means at our disposal”
PFN noted  “without the Sharia, we have always lived peacefully with our Muslim brothers. We know that this is the handiwork of those who are hellbent in unsettling our country at all cost. But the good news is that : They have failed. As far as we are concerned, the proposal won’t fly and can never fly. It’s  deadborn”.
It then asked its members who appeared agitated over the development and have been bombarding the body’s leadership with inquiries to calm down, assuring that their interest would always be protected.
PFN also  implored its members to always comport themselves by not taking laws into their hands and make peaceful coexistence their watchword.


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