Restore Local Govt Autonomy, AFAN President Tasks Governors

Architect Kabir Ibrahim, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) National President.



The National Presideent All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Arc. Kabiru Ibrahim has called for the restoration of the purchasing power to the local government areas  by giving them autonomy to function properly as contained in the constitution.

He made the call in an interview with New Nigerian on the problems that surround local government areas in Nigeria despite being the third tier of government.

He said local government areas are the closest to the people and therefore, more impactful.

According to him, activities in the local government areas have suffered a lot and poverty rearing its head has now become commonplace.

He said the situation is still the same in Katsina State and  unfortunately in the majority of the 774 local governments areas in Nigeria.

Arv. Kabiru Ibrahim recalled thst in  1999 when Umaru Musa Yar’adua was elected the Executive Governor of Katsina State and Kebram Associates, their Architectural Consulting firm was apprehensive of continued patronage from the PDP Government because the Principal Partner did not participate in the politics of the time.

The AFAN President said there is the need to diversify from consulting to agriculture and was identified quickly and KEBRAM FARMS was founded to do poultry which has a fast asset conversion rate.

He said agricultural production and agribusiness are germane because it is what the majority of Nigerian citizens pertake in.

“The current administration has brought it to the fore and so must be more worthwhile if the market for the produce is enhanced by improving the purchasing power of Nigerians generally.

“There is an established nexus between petty crimes and poverty in the US and other developed countries of the World.

“In Nigeria, my experience and the general experience is that poverty and idleness can lead to drug abuse, banditry and kidnapping,” he pointed out.

The AFAN President said eradication of hunger through empowering the majority of the people is a non-military and non-kinetic option to stem  insecurity.


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