National Division One Volleyball League: Kwara Optimistic Of Premier Ticket, Subdue Spartans


*say they are not scared of hosts, Kada Kings


Coach of Kwara, Wale Badamasi is optimistic that his team will finish among the top four from the ongoing  National Division One Volleyball League and gain Premier League promotion.
Badamasi expressed this at the Indoor Sports Hall of the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna after his team fought hard to subdue Spartans 3-2.
“Our Target is to qualify for the Premier League. We camped for two months and improved on bronze win at NSF.
“We are optimistic of qualification to Premier League. We still have a clean sheet. We are taking all the teams the same, we are not rating any team. We keep improving with each game. They are yet to see our best,” he boasted.
He said that  he felt great with the win against Spartans, in spite of fatigue that hit his team after playing two games on Tuesday.
“Yesterday’s game was tedious because we played two matches and our opponents in today’s game took the advantage of that,” he added.
On which team he feels poses a threat, he said they are scared of none and will always come out victorious.
“We are playing Kada on Saturday at the finals and we believe we can beat them. We are not scared of any team,” he stressed.. 
Meanwhile, as action hots up in the ongoing National Division One Volleyball League at the Indoor Sports Hall of the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna, Kwara subdued  Spartans in the first match of Day Three.

Kwara took the lead and consolidated by the second set to make it 2-0.
Spartans came back stronger in the third set and pulled one back, making it 2-1.
The fourth set was keenly contested by both teams, however, thirsty Spartans put in more efforts to end it 2-2.
In the fifth and deciding set, Kwara brimmed up to a warm start, by taking a five-point to zero lead, before Spartans found their rthym to get their first point.
Kwara won the set to end the game 3-2.


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