Bauchi Governor Bala Calls For Full Scale War From All Fronts Against Insecurity

Senator Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State Governor


Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has noted with concerns that the federal government security architecture has failed, and called for the involvement of states, local government areas, and the traditional institutions towards finding solutions to the problem.

“I am calling on the federal government to work with us as governors and local governments because that is where the solution lies, the FG security architecture has fail, not because of compromise but because the situation is overwhelming”.

Speaking on the state of the nation in Bauchi Thursday, the governor stressed the need for all major stakeholders to sit down as a country to reflect and find solutions to the insecurity problem bedeviling the nation.

Bala while expressing regret that the insecurity bedeviling mostly the North has been expanding and escalating to other parts of the country, however cautioned, “We should restraint in our responses and utterances because this country is so united, so interwoven”.

He stated, “But certainly, it is not just federal government’s responsibility alone, it is the responsibility of the FG, the States and Local Governments, our traditional institutions and all major stakeholders, we are all policemen today”.

Senator Bala Mohammed therefore called on the federal government to do whatever it can to get its citizens out of the mess, saying “We know these bandits, we know where they stay and what they do, sometimes they are aided and abated by us, we should fish them out because the police have no human capital to fight this war”.

Governor, Bala Mohammed similarly expressed dismay that the Federal Government has lost idea in growing the nation’s economy, but was rather best known for blame games.

“I think the Federal Government has lost idea to grow the economy, we are just involving in blame games, what they are best known for it is blame game, they are not even fighting corruption”, he frowned.

He stressed the need for all major stakeholders’ hands in growing the nation’s economy, stressing that the federal government should harvest a roundtable understanding of the nation’s problems, rather than escalating them on newspaper pages or the media.

Governor Bala however counseled the federal government to be fair and equitable in its administration and management, saying “The perception was that there are sacred cows or tin gods in this county, people that cannot be touched.

“If there is nepotism where only one section is giving positions in government, what the southern governors have said has some aspect of truth, some people were given too much attention to the detriment of other side”.

He argued, “What I know of this country as a federalist is that there is always a balance in terms of appointments of federal offices, in terms of appointments even at the local level, because if you don’t practice fairness at the top, then you cannot see it at a lower level”.

“People will begin to think of self-actualization, self-determination and so on and so forth, and it will crop up negatively. Unless we show fairness and equity in the leadership of the country, we cannot grow the economy”, Bala concluded.


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