Tijjaniyyah Movement Followers In Bauchi Observe Eid-el Fitr Wednesday

File photo: L-R: Pastor Yohanna Buru with Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi during the traditional Iftar alongside other Christians clerics at Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi's House In Kaduna on Tuesday May 28, 2019. Photo; BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS


Tijjaniyya Islamic Movement under the tutelage of a renowned Islamic scholar based in Bauchi, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Wednesday observed this year’s Eid-el fitr prayer of two raka’ats with hundreds of thousands followers in attendance, signifying the end of the Ramadan fast.

The Eid-el fitr Sermon ‘Khudubar’ on the significance of the occasion was performed by the eldest son of the scholar, Ahmad Tijjani Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi who led the congregational prayer upon the directive of his father, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi.

In the sermon of the fitr prayer, Ustaz Ahmad Dahiru Bauchi drew the attention of the Muslim Ummah on the benevolence of the Almighty Allah on human beings, and prayed for the peaceful co-existence of the diverse people of Nigeria

Speaking to the press shortly after the prayers, the renowned Islamic scholar of the Tijjaniya Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi said that they break their fast following the sighting of the month of Shawwal Tuesday by some of his disciples in Bauchi and other people in the state, and even beyond.

He explained that observing the Ramadan fast is one of the five pillars of Islam as taught by the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessing of Allah be Upon Him, saying “All the obligatory duties in the religion of Islam were teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“So whenever the Prophet spoke, his words are supreme in the midst of the Muslim Ummah after that of the Creator, who said, “Upon sighting of the month of Ramadan, the Muslim Ummah should observe fast, and Upon sighting of the month of Shawwal, you should break the fast.

“But when the month of Ramadan conclude without Muslims not sighting the crescent of  new month of Shawwal, they should continue to fast up to 30 days, but when the Shawwal month is sighted, there is no any justification for anyone to continue fasting”, he added.

“And we have no reason whatever to brush aside the submission of those who say they sighted the month of Shawwal. There are those that sighted the month of Shawwal in Bauchi, myself I have seen the person who said he sighted the month, the Shawwal month was also sighted in Gombe, at Gadau in Bauchi state, In Argungu town of Kebbi state, and various other places in the federation that we cannot tell them liars, and with all these realities, one wanted us continue the Ramadan fast? he queried.

“We that observe the Eid-el Fitr Prayer on Wednesday have our reason to do so, and those who didn’t this day also have their own reason of not doing so, we that observe the day have our concrete reason, likewise those who continue to fast have their reason unknown to us”.

Sheikh Dahiru further explained that they have taken every step to reach His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto on the sighting of the month of Shawwal on Tuesday, “We called the ‘Sarkin Malaman Sokoto’ to tell His Eminence about the sighting and he assured me of passing the message, then there is an intimate of the Sultan who is the ‘Sarkin Kafin Argungu’ whom I also spoken to about the sighting of the month of Shawwal on Tuesday conveyed to me by some notable personalities, and I have every confidence that he will tell the Sultan about my message.

In addition, the Bauchi Islamic Sheikh said that he has taken necessary procedures to send the message through other appropriate persons and was assured of passing the message to His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto.

On the controversies surrounding the sighting of the month of Shawwal over the years, the renowned sheikh explained that the solution lies on the path of teachings of Islamic by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “The solution is to follow the teachings of the Prophet who says ‘Upon sighting the month of Shawwal, you break your fast and it was sighted by reasonable people, so the solution is to refer to the teaching of the Holy Prophet”.

On Nigerians who equate the sighting of the month of Shawwal with their Saudi Arabian counterparts, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi attributed the comparing between the two to ignorance of the religion of Islam, “Are they saying that Nigeria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pray the Subhu prayer at the same time? The same time we also pray the Zuhr, Asr or Maghreb prayers?

On security challenges bedeviling the country, the renowned Islamic Sheikh prayed for the peaceful co-existence of Nigerians generally, and called on constituted authorities to gear more efforts in protecting the lives and properties of citizens, expressing worrisome with the issues of banditry, armed robbery, insurgency, and Boko Haram which, he said, became rampant in the Nigerian society.


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