Eid-el-Fitri: KADIFF Founder Sues For Prayers For Leaders’ Commitment In Ending Insecurity




As Muslims celebrate Eid-el-fitr 2021, the Founder of Kaduna International Film Festival (KADIFF), Audu I. Kashim   has  called for prayers for NIgeria’s leaders to have the will to end the raging insecurity in the country.
KADIFF  founder repressed this in a statement issued to felicitate with Muslims, made available to our correspondent on Wednesday May 12, 2021.
“I urge us to love one another including every tribe, religion, region or groups, help the poor, less privileged, promote peace, shun nepotism, discrimination, sin, violence and war. Let us always practice the teachings of Allah and help one another. As the theme for KADIFF 2021 says “My cultural heritage” I urge the northern film makers to promote or produce movies that depict our culture, peace and unity.
“This day should also be a time to pray for our leaders to have the will to put an end to the current insecurity in Nigeria. Remember to celebrate with caution as covid19 has not completely gone,” he said.
He said that Eid- el-Fitri,  which is also known as “feast of breaking the fast”, is a significant religious day celebrated by Muslims worldwide. 
“The word ‘Eid’ means a festival or celebration, while Mubarak means blessed. So to say Eid Mubarak means Happy Eid, or have a blessed holiday.
“This day is a day all Muslims all over the world come together to worship Almighty Allah and to thank Him after observing the 29 or 30 days fasting. This year’s Eid-el-fitr celebration falls on 13th May 2021,” he added. 
KADIFF Founder explained that it is believed that  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)  got the first revelation of the Holy Quran in Ramadan. 
“Eid el Fitr marks the end of the Ramadan month and beginning of Shawwal. Muslims also observe this day to pay respect to Allah for giving them strength and endurance during the full-day fasting for a month,” he further explained.
Kashim pointed out that Eid-el-Fitr concludes with Muslims savouring rich and scrumptious dishes. 
“It involves Biryani, Haleeb, kebabs, desserts including Seviyaan, among other things. Giving alms to the needy or Zakat is also practised on this day as it is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam.
“May the blessings and favours of Allah locate you and your household today. May Allah accept your fasting and forgive your shortcomings. 
“Put a smiles on someone’s face today and call that loved one, friends, relatives and family. 
“Congratulations to all Muslims on Eid-el-fitr 2021,” he stressed. 


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