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Fulani Group In Plateau Denies Link To Boko Haram

File photo: Fulani herdsman controlling heard of cattle.


A group of Fulani herders in Riyom Local Government Ares, of Plateau State has petitioned the Commissioner of Police and other security agencies in state over allegations linking them to  Boko Haram group operating in the state.

The herders under the leadership of Ardo Mahmud Adamu in Mahanga, said in a petition to the State Commissioner of Police, that Emmanuel Delson, Gideon Deme, Haggi Ganiks and others have, circulated on their Facebook page and Wamhay App platform, an allegation that the herders have held several meetings to perpetuate terrorism.

The petition signed by the herders leader, Salisu Muhammad, and copied to DSS, IGP, NSA and 10 others, strongly alledged that the publication been shared on social media.

“The said publication is not only defamatory and falsely injurious to our clients (Sections 371 and 373 of Penal Code Law of Plateau State, 2017); but same also constitutes the offences of inciting public disturbance as well as terrorism under sections 78 and 269 (a) (ili) of the Penal Code Law of Plateau State, 2017,” the petition said.

They added that the publication which bears no trace or semblance of truthfulness has put the lives of their clients and their community in danger as they cannot move freely for fear of being attacked by gullible readers who may believe thei injurious and damaging write ups against them.

“The sensational but baseless write up is calculated to pitch one tribe and or religion against another on the Plateau; and to ultimately stir up a terrible conflict or crisis, thereby throwing the lives and property of the citizens into jeopardy,” the petition added.

The herders called for thorough investigation of originator (s) of the baseless write up, the proponents and those that went about distributing and circulating the same. 

“We call for their speedy investigation and prosecution. Doing so will definitely nip the issue in the bud before any catastrophe is brewed therefrom,” it appealed.



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