Bauchi Establishes Reward System To Reciprocate Gestures



Governor Bala Mohammed said that his administration has established a reward system to reciprocate those that immensely contributed to their aspirations as politicians, and for being where they were today.

“We must hold onto those who immensely contributed to our being where we are today, hence the appointments into some public offices to both Christians and Muslims alike for both males and females”.

The Governor who was speaking while receiving leadership of the Christian community in the state at Government House, Bauchi, noted with delight that the appointees are doing creditably well in their various duty posts.

Senator Bala said however that his administration exhibits justice and equity in all its dealings, stressing “Some of the things we stand here is to show justice and equity, for as a leader it would reduce me nothing if I become equitable”.

The Governor explained that exhibiting justice and equity is the only way that peace and peaceful co-existence can be established, adding “We are making sure that there is balance and equity in the system”.

He told the CAN Chiefs, “We look at demands base on available resources, we have a lean pulse and dwindling resources at FAAC. We are always careful in making promises, but I assure you we would do justice in all things we do”.

Senator Bala Mohammed also assured the Christian association that the state government has set up a committee with a view to providing them a new grave yard, as approval has already been given for the building of CAN Secretariat in Bauchi.

The Governor similarly assured the Christian community of having access roads at Yelwan Kagadama, Rafin Zurfi and Gudum quarters in Bauchi metropolis as part of the state government’s regional planning to open up the Bauchi cosmopolitan city thereby beefing up security in the metropolis.

Bauchi State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman, Reverend Abraham Damina has earlier commended the Bala-led administration for its developmental strides, and maintenance of relative peace in the state.

“It is an establish fact that during your tenure we have been enjoying peace and stability in Bauchi state, this is as a result of your unbiased mind in running the affairs of the state, and your spirit for peaceful co-existence and justice in all your dealings”.

Reverend Abraham Damina who described Governor Bala Mohammed as a gift from God, noted that Bauchi state has the least cases of criminality in the country.

He called on the state government to assist the Christian community in Bauchi with CRK teachers that are lacking in their schools, and pledged the support and loyalty of CAN to the government.


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