Allegation Of Embezzlement, Incompetence Against NISER DG, Cheap Witch-hunt – Insiders


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Fresh facts are now emerging on the Tuesday’s protest by  some members of Staff of Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER) against the Director-General of the institution, Dr. Folarin Gbadebo-Smith.
New Nigerian gathered that the protesters were out on alleged ” misguided and a mission to witch-hunt”, the DG over an action said not to be favourable to some of the protesting workers.
It was learnt that many of the protesting workers were said to be against the DG base on alleged ” incompetence, illegal and undue request for promotion”  which the DG was not comfortable with.
Sources close to the Institute said Dr. Folarin has ” conducted two recruitment exercises upon which he insisted on merit and good performance which did not go down well with some of these people who had their own candidates among those who wanted job at NISER.
” It is very unfortunate that this is happening, the DG is a man that came to effect change in this institution, our people have been used to the former rotten system of everything goes but he has insisted on due process since he came, that is why they are up in arms against him.”, he said.
Our source added, ” it is natural that people will be resistant to change, but this man has made it clear since he came that it is no more business as usual, why would staffers be requesting for promotion they do not merit? Why would staffers be having list of request for employment when those on the list were not qualified?”
” They  went on to say that the DG is competent to hold the office as a Harvard-trained medical doctor who has strong affiliation with research institutes in Nigeria and abroad.”
According to our source, the  allegation of embezzlement by the protesting workers ” is unfounded, as all financial transactions in the institution go through the government-established due process and tender board, a system that make all financial infringements impossible.”
” The name of the DG was brought up by a certain interested parties who would want Gbadebo-Smith replaced with their own candidate, who they would want to do their biddings. Some individuals who I call interested parties are behind this protest, they want to see the man leave so that they can replace him or have somebody that is pliable, who they can use to achieve their selfish aims in the institution.
“Everybody in NISER knows knows the procedure to access funding for projects of programmes, they are only trying to taint the image of the Director-General, it is unfair.”


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