Okorocha Blames Politicians For NIgeria’s Woes

Immediate past Governor Senator Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.


Senator Rochas Okorocha has blamed politicians in the country for dividing the country along ethnic and religious lines.

Okorocha who also spoke about the worsening insecurity challenges in the country, said insurgency, kidnapping and the herdsmen crisis will not stop as long as politicians continue to imbibe injustice. 

“Recently, apart from the growing calls for secession by some separatists groups, the insecurity challenges in the country have been a major source of worry for Nigerians.”

He added that the cases of abductions and the killings of some university students in Kaduna State, insurgency attacks in the Northeast, Boko Haram hoisting their flag in a captured village in Niger State which is just two hundred kilometres away from the FCT, attacks in the Southeast and the crisis involving herders in the Southwest are just some reported cases of the worrying situation of the insecurity challenges around the country in the past weeks.

Speaking on an AIT programme, the Senator urged politicians to mind and bridle their tongues.


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