CISLAC Demands End To Insecurity

President Buhari


A non-governmental organisation, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) wants government at all levels to address the deteriorating security situation in the country, as the current crime rate in the country is at an extremely high level.

CISLAC believes that crimes as kidnappings, banditry and drugs abuse call to question the effectiveness of the security institutions and their leadership charged with the duty of fighting these crimes.

According to the NGO in a press release signed by Auwal Ibrahim Musa ,executive director, “it is apparent that the welfare of criminal justice officers play a strong role in determining their efficiency in crime prevention and control. Other factors could be corruption in the system.”

“Government alone can not fight insecurity, so, in a democratic society like ours, welfare conditions of security operatives must at least meet what’s obtained in developed climes.”

CISLAC urged government to as a matter of importance provide all security institutions with modern tools needed to fight this menace called insecurity.

It also advised criminal justice officers to make hard work their drive because, he that is paid well to do a job must do it well.

“CISLAC enjoined that government should review security officers salaries, provide a reliable health and life insurance policies to enable them sacrifice their lives for the country knowing their families will be well taken care of should they die in the line of duty.

Barracks and quarters should undergo regular facelifts, thereby making them habitable, arms and maintenance of facilities to optimise performance is proper and recommended.”

Auwal Ibrahim Musa believes the recommendations would go a long way to ensure that the institutions charged with security deliver on their mandate.


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