Let’s Empower Our People To Kick Poverty Out Of Nigeria – Reps Committee Chairman


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Science Research Institutes and lawmaker representing Ibadan North Federal constituency, in Oyo State Hon. Musliudeen Olaide Akinremi on Sunday said it is time to fight poverty out of Nigeria
Speaking with newsmen after distributing funds and certificates to the 250 beneficiaries of  his empowerment  programme held at the Teachers House Samonda in Ibadan, Honourable Akinremi declared that there is the need for elected  political office holders in Nigeria to rise into the situation and join hands in battling poverty among Nigerians.
Hon Akinremi maintained that rescuing Nigeria masses from poverty, it is now time for elected political office holders in the country to start initiating programmes capable of alleviating poverty among Nigerians as this will go a long way in alliviating poverty in and across the country particularly among the down trodden masses
According to the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Science Research Institutes, it is now time to look beyond giving motorcycles, clippers and grinding machines as a form of empowerment “
” Giving motorcycles, clippers and grinding machines as a form of empowerment is not the best way for politicians to empower their constituents. Giving people motorcycles, clippers and grinding machines is not enough to empower constituents. Give them scholarships and give them training. Empowerment is about assisting people and equip them with what they do not have and to make them financially independent and come out of poverty”, he said.
Honourable Akinremi added, ” that is why I said that our people should change their mentality, People are used to giving them motorcycles, clippers and grinding machines. If I give 1,000 motorcycles today, it is not everybody that will see it, if I give them clippers, how much is clipper? If you give people money, they can spend it anyhow, they may not use it for the purpose you are giving them, but, if you give people training, nobody will collect it from them.” 
Speaking on his empowerment, the lawmaker representing Ibadan North Federal constituency said, over 250 people mostly women and youths were trained from his constituency at the IITA in Ibadan on using  of cassava to make Chinchin , Puff puff, and others 
He stressed that at the graduation and presentation of certificates, the beneficiaries were further supported with funds to enable them establish fully and fend for themselves and  their families, adding that to further stabilise them, the machines for the processing of cassava for them is to be provided at Bodija
” Since I became Ibadan North Federal Constituency representatives in 2019, I have purchased JAMB forms for 1, 045 students, training of people on how to make money is one of the best way I am talking about. It is better than giving people money. People can spend the money anyhow, they may not even take the money home, especially men, they may spend it on beers, women, lottery or any other things
” But, if you give them training, nobody will collect it from them. I am more interested in developing women and youth capacity, as we know our women have a lot of jobs to do, you find them in the markets, what I know is that most of our women helped their husbands at home, so because of this when you empower women, it is like you empower the whole family.”
Speaking further, Honourable Akinremi said, ” I will tell you that what we are giving to these women today, if you give it to men, theye may take it to the beer parlor, he may use it to eat or take it to Baba Ijebu, the children and the wife at home may not even benefit from them. But, these people, we have trained them we also give them money to start the business. Definitely, the children and the husband and the entire family will benefit from them.”


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