I Won’t Fault Pantami’s Digital Economy – AFAN President

Architect Kabir Ibrahim, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) National President.


The National President All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Arc. Kabir Ibrahim has said that he will not fault the digital economy  that has contributed to what he described as Nigeria’s miraculous and rapid emergence from the last recession. 

Arc. Kabiru expressed this when speaking to New Nigerian during an interview describing those attacking the Minister, Ali Pantami in various  media  and subsequently asking for his removal from the Federal Executive Council.

“Agriculture, my sector, also contributed to the exit from recession but at a much smaller scale in spite of the colossal capital outlay.

“It takes competence, hard-work and Integrity to achieve this feat by Pantami and his team.  

“While it is not necessary to inform Nigerians about the antecedents of Ali Ibrahim Pantami which heralded his appointment at NITDA, it is noteworthy that his performance there catapulted him to the enviable position of a minister of the Federal Republic.

“It is for this reason and no more that no one can think that this rare young man should be spared the antagonism and outright condemnation for something he did and which he admitted to have done regretfully”.

The AFAN President said It is not his desire to defend Pantami for any gains from him, his employers or well wishers, but to make my fellow Nigerians know that the likes of Pantami are what Nigeria desires regardless of their identified faults.

He expressed optimism that, “By the time we start looking at all citizens as equals in the Nigerian project devoid of ethnicity and religion, we will be better off for it!”

The President believes that those who know him very well, especially, on the “PLAN” platform will vouch for his intervention at this point in the national discourse.


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