IMAN Completes Clearing Of Area For Creche, Academy Projects



The Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) ABUTH/ABU Zaria has successfuly completed the clearing of the designated areas of the mosque area for a creche and academy projects
Secretary General/Director of programme of the association, Dr. Muhammad Mustapha Yakubu said the bitumen heaps and trees made it difficult to start real work  but with the successful completion of the clearing of site, work will commence with speed.

He called on philanthropists and lovers of education to use the month of Ramadan to donate generously and invest in the academy project.

 Dr. Yakubu said he believes that with the support of everyone, they will actualize the projects without stress in the shortest possible time to the benefit of staff, their families and neighbours.

“In another development,  ABUTH IMAN Widows and Orphans Fund, we have successfully completed the second batch  of  1442 Annual Ramadan Commodities’ distribution Caravan

“It was ibaadah to behold. May Allah reward you all abundantly. Putting smiles on the faces of about 200 people this afternoon is enough for each of us to use as tawasul to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala”.

According to him, in spite of many unregistered  needy people showing up including non Muslims, they were all given the few packages left for some of those whose names were submitted but couldn’t show up.

The Secretary General expressed concerns over less support from the Ummah to the needy throughout the remaining days of Ramadan.

“So the Secretariat door will contineu to remain open,” he added.


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