Bauchi Government Fishes Out 715 Ghost Workers

Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed


A high-powered committee set up last month by the Bauchi State Government has fished out a number of 715 workers in the state services who are neither in the nominal nor payrolls.

Disclosing the report of the committee, its chairman, Senator Baba Tela expressed shock with the outcome of their investigations, saying the problems associated with payment of salaries were created by the immediate past administration.

Senator Baba Tela who is also the State Deputy Governor of the state told the press in Bauchi Wednesday that they inherited a system in the civil service that had gone beyond the capacity of the immediate past government to solve.

He explained that perpetrated of the atrocities go beyond the normal salaries payment to siphon the public funds only to share among them and their cronies after the monthly payment of salaries to civil servants.

The committee chairman said that the new order now, according to the committee’s report, is for at least four management personnel of any MDA to testify and append his/her signature as bonafide government staff for any of the penciled ghost workers as a clearance to be paid his salary

Tela noted that due to the dwindling revenues accruable to coffers of the state, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become difficult now to pay the monthly salaries of civil servants, not to talk of undertaking other economic development and social work for the benefits of the electorate.

“We also realized that a lot of pilferages and leakages are happenings with the MDAs, especially Local Government Councils, Health Management Board and Ministry of Education”, the deputy governor said.

“We are doing what we are doing in terms of development as a result of sheer determination of His Excellency, Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed to ensure that he has left some legacy projects on ground, otherwise it is not possible to get an allocation from the federal government to say salaries, mandatories and execute developmental projects”.

He explained that the problems of salaries/pensions payment in the state and probably other states in the federation is a cankerworm problem which requires sitting down to address it properly, otherwise it would keep recurring effecting the level of development the government has in the state.

Tela presented to the press a booklet containing approval for various categories of civil servants and individuals that from 2008 to date have increases in their salaries and pensions for the government to take decision on them, saying monies accruing to these people are almost half of monthly salaries of the state.

He assured of successful completion of their assignment during the additional two weeks extended to the committee to scrutinize salaries payment in the remaining 22 MDAs out of the 75 the state has, as 53 have already been worked and uploaded into the electronic system of payments during the initial 4 weeks given to the committee.  

Also speaking during the briefing, the secretary of the committee who is also the secretary to the state government, Alhaji Muhammad Sabi’u Baba explained that the 715 workers have their salaries payments stopped unless a genuine clearance is presented to the committee.


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