FCE Technical Bichi Remains Our Hope

Malam Adamu Adamu, Nigeria's Minister of Education


It is gratifying to note that the Federal college of education (Technical) Bichi is a role model amongst the federal owned institutions where everything is put on its stand like what is being seen at present under the leadership of Professor Bashir Mohammed Fagge.
As a regular visitor of the college, it always impresses me whenever I see some new initiatives from the school’s management, especially new structures that always make the institution modern and wearing new looks that facilitate teaching and learning in a good atmosphere.
During my recent visit to Federal College of Education (Technical) Bichi, I realised that there are so many physical structures that are being constructed to accommodate every aspect of the school’s activities because it has a number of projects that add more value to academic progress which shows that FCE (T) Bichi is one of the best.
Similarly, there are many things that were also brought by the Fagge’s administration which include discipline among the seniors, juniors and non-academic staff, where all academic and non academic activities receive good attention that pave way to enable the students of all categories to pursue studies with ease.
It is obvious that the management of Federal College of Education (Technical) Bichi  is trying its utmost best to beat others in all programmes especially at present when the educational sector is having  big challenges  almost everywhere due to economic issues related to COVID-19 pandemic that remains a great threat  globally.
It is painful to hear that some members of the academic staff union are claiming that the college is on the brink, where they alleged that some areas where the institution is having  lapses while they remain part of the college administrators as they know well that FCE (T) Bichi is one of the best colleges of education that is  owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
In this respect, the  leadership of  the Colleges of education Academic Staff Union (COAESU), FCE (T) Bichi chapter knows well that what they  described in their recent press conference is uncalled for,  bearing in mind that they are also part of the college family, their grievances should also be channeled in an appropriate way that attracts collective responsibility in tackling all issues.
In conclusion,  I am certain that the college is rapidly developing especially when the provost of the institution and his lieutenants are working selflessly to ensure that all hands remain on deck towards the progress of the college and to maintain its status  in graduating best students that remain good ambassadors at any place they find themselves as an institution that changes life for better.
JABIRU HASSAN wrote this piece from kano, and can be reached via: jabiru.hassan@yahoo.com


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