Ramadan: Dealers Laud Dangote Over Business Initiatives

Aliko Dangote


A major dealer of Dangote Group of Companies, Alhaji Salisu Sambajo has said that the company provides consumers with quality products at an affordable price to ensure good value for their money.

He stated this while speaking to Journalists in Kano, the commercial hub of Northern Nigeria on Monday.

Sambajo, a popular Dangote dealer at Singer Market, said the President/CE, Dangote Group of Industries, Aliko Dangote has flooded the markets in Kano with affordable products to ease economic hardship of the people.

Representative of Dangote Group of Companies, Garba Ibrahim El-Suleiman said Aliko is committed to improving lives of Nigerians through various strategies put in place for growth and development of the Country.

Sambajo said that the organisation has not at any time increased prices of commodities, in any part of the country.

And the Company has not done so at Ramadan which has just commenced during which it is incumbent to ease any hardship bedeviling the people.

“Dangote does not intend to increase price of commodities at Ramadan instead he has made efforts to make life easier, Sambajo said.

“I am amongst the major dealers of Dangote products in Nigeria, and to the best of my knowledge the company has never increased price of commodities during fasting period”

He observed that in-line with the Group’s mandate, the President/CE, Aliko takes into cognizance of the challenges of traders and tries to alleviate their own problems.

Sambajo recalled how, years back, Aliko would sell a bag of sugar to major Dealers at the rate of N 18,500 and refund N250 per bag, to the dealers to enable them make more profits.

‘’Though some retailers buy the products from major Dealers, and jack up the price when they get to their destinations

“ Dangote has done a lot to reduce daunting challenges of traders.

“There were also instances when Aliko gave traders commodities to sell without any payment or collateral due to lack of funds and the traders paid back after sales.

“The leeway allowed flexibility of payment

“Only God can reward him for his benevolence and philanthropy which has endeared him to many in different parts of the Country”.

Another major Dealer, Alhaji Sabo Dankoli reiterated that the traders had never experienced any price hike by the company and presently, lots of Dangote commodities are in Singer and other markets in the City of Kano.
Adding that the same situation prevailed in previous years despite Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Earlier, Chairman, Kano State Public Complaints and Anti- Corruption Commission, Barr. Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado said a well deserved commendation was made by the Commission to Dangote Group of companies for enhancing growth of traders and investors in Kano, and Nigeria as a whole.


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