Emerging Growing Threat/Risk Within Our Environment And The Larger Society



The Society has been dynamic in nature and within the advent of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; the society goes into more super dynamic, where survival is the ultimate and most immediate necessity.
We are aware of the efforts by various governments at all levels to provide source of livelihood, improve social amenities, and provide infrastructure and others, in order to upgrade the standard of living in our various states and Nigeria as a nation.
In an effort to achieve this, a lot of workers, petty-traders, domestic related staff and other various categories of source of livelihood are undergoing metaphorical changes; those of us that are privy to have the opportunity of running the affairs of our mentors, god-fathers and family member-companies have been exposed to numerous cries by job seekers, on almost daily bases  – a minimum of 9  to 10 persons of both male and female knocks the doors of our offices in search of the lowest cadre job (Security Guard duty).  Some caliber of persons breaks into tears, begging and pleading for an opportunity to be granted to work and earn a living. Sincerely speaking, the situation we have found ourselves today is more scaring than meet the eyes. 
Begging is the talk of the day as we get jittery when going for prayers or returning from the Worship Houses. 
One is exposed to persons laying ambush to beg as a way of life.
Taking a case study of Kaduna metropolis where infrastructure and road networks are being uplifted in order to have a befitting state capital; on the other hand, strugglers who battles to hawk or establish shops have lost their earnings for the sake of the development. 
Most painful are the fact that those class of personalities who assist and support the lower cadre have relocated from Kaduna to Abuja (FCT), Kano State and Lagos State for obvious reasons of making their business and reducing the fast growing threat ranging from the molestation, kidnapping, banditry and other hostile criminal related ways of siphoning  cash from them. 
This position has exposed the elderly ones who struggle to stay behind in Kaduna to certain extra-heartbeat, blood pressure and other illnesses as the growing society is exposed to untold hardships. 
As a crime observer and fighter from private security perspective, there is a strong need for us to draw the attention of the larger society to impending dangers ahead. 
In view of the above scenario and in order to reduce the high risk and threat to our livelihood, we must streamline our energies by improving our faith and belief in Almighty God and accept the simple fact that we have offended ourselves and needed Divine Intervention.
Our Christian faithful have just concluded their 40 days’ Lent and took advantage of the Good Friday and Easter Monday for Devotion while the Muslim faithful are warming up to commence the Fasting of the Month of Ramadan which commences next week.
The ball is now in our courts to have change in our mindsets and ask for forgiveness from among ourselves and from the Almighty Allah in order to have relief, respite, restitution and a relative crime free society.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

Mohammed Garba Potiskum is a security expert based in Kaduna.


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