Potable Water Scarcity looms In Nigeria – Borehole Drillers


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners and Practitioners, (AWDROP) on Wednesday alerted of looming scarcity of safe water in Nigeria
ANDROP otherwise known as  Nigerian Borehole Drillers Association , (NBDA) also hinted of possible health dangers in the country arising from the looming water scarcity
The association in a statement made available to journalists in Ibadan by its President, Engineer Michael Ale, stated that the looming scarcity would be as a result of the current economic hardship in the country.
According to the body, the looming dangers would likely expose  vulnerable citizens to health risks of consuming unclean water.
“Water scarcity is hitting many states now and the cost of drilling is getting high because of the exchange rate and the materials for borehole drilling for example, Casings. Invariably, the cost of drilling is high which is mounting more pressure on government to provide water”, he said.
Engineer Ale added, ” this scenario is making the vulnerable more exposed to health risk which will in turn make government spend more on health”.
He maintained that  the looming water scarcity may be felt the more in Abuja, Taraba, imo, Bauchi and other states where scarcity of water is endemic.
Tracing the cause of the looming scarcity of safe water ” to high cost of drilling which mounts pressure on government to provide potable water for its citizens”, the association said  the looming water scarcity has given rise to individuals and corporate organizations patronising unprofessional drillers which degenerates to haphazard drillings while many operators engage in dubious acts.
“My advise to the state where such instance is precarious is to have a Water Supply resilient plan where emergency response is prompt. It is important to also note that government have responsibility to make water available to the citizen that is, access to potable water at different cost human and financial as the case may inferred”.
While tasking states presently facing scarcity of water to develop partners as well as to make a concerted effort in making sure the result  for the programme they are supporting is sustainable, he advocated decentralisation of water supply system in those states.
“Finally, decentralize water supply system is geared towards locations where there is not transmission pipeline hence access is still very important. This method will create employment opportunities for the youth through training of various artisans on pipe repairs and plumbing works. Many water operators are now extorting Nigerians because of the demand in water supply while other borehole drillers have increased their cost of drilling because of high cost of purchase of Casings for their drilling.”

Engineer Ale who stressed that government can support the association to stem this extortion by supporting the Drillers’ association as a means to subsidy for the masses, stated that the association will begin profiling genuine borehole Drillers in the country and names will be published for Nigerians to know who to patronize”.
” Yes, Many water schemes projects from government and agencies should be critically reviewed, if not, the projects are bound to fail. Let me warm the drilling rig operators to desist from haphazard jobs referred to ‘sharp sharp’. This practice is degrading our environment because of the amount of air compressed and used in drilling through the basement formation.


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