PDP Commences Membership Drive In 326 Wards In Anambra



The Anambra State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Ndubisi Nwobu on Thursday announced the commencement of membership drive for the party in the state.

The drive is expected to cover the 326 electoral wards in the state.

Addressing journalists on the exercise, the chairman said that the party targets at least 500 new members in all the existing electoral wards.

He said, “We are not giving money to anyone to be a member, we want the people to choose us on their own volition.

“We target at least 500 members from each of the 326 wards in the state. We are looking at a total of 153,000 new members in the party after the one-week exercise.

That is apart from the urban centres where we are hoping to get more members. We are sensitizing the state for those who are eager and prepared to become members of the party. 

“We are hopeful that a lot of people will come out and register with us, because we believe that Nigerians know better about the change the APC promised, now. The change APC promised means greater insecurity, greater division and nepotism.

“Here in Anambra, APGA government has taken the state backwards and only a PDP government is guaranteed to have the capacity to move the state forward. So, we are hoping that a lot of people will seize the opportunity to register with us.”

Nwobu said the party will not register members of other political parties who are not known to have openly resigned their members of their previous political parties.

He explained that while the registration would be done at the ward level, there will be a local government monitoring committee and a zonal monitoring committee to oversee what is being done, to avoid abuse of the process

“If you’re a member of APGA, or APC, you must have resigned from those parties before we can register you in our party.

“I’m sure of absolute victory for PDP in the November governorship election, especially with the level of unity among members of the party”, the chairman added.


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