Court Covicts Mother, Daughter Over Criminal Conspiracy



The  Chief  Magistrate  Court  sitting at  Pada, Zaria  City  has  convicted a mother  and  her  daughter  for  criminal  conspiracy, for giving  false  information with intent to mislead public servant and  fabrication of  false  evidence  against  the  nominal  complainants.
Delivering his  judgment, the  Chief Magistrate, Abdullahi Abubakar  Maigamo  said the  Court  has found   Enobong  Joy  Akpan and  her  daughter, Akpan  Iyene  guilty  on  3 and  2  count  charges respectively.

He  said their  act is  calculated  and  skimmed  to  tarnish the  reputation of the  nominal  complainants  in an  outside  Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira  and the  court  was  satisfied  with  all  the  proceedings by the  prosecution.

Enobong  Joy Akpan a staff  of Kashim Ibrahim Library,  Ahmadu Bello  University, Zaria  was     sentenced   on 3  count  charges  1. Criminal  conspiracy  under  section 97  penal  code law to  6 months  imprisonments  or  a  fine  of  25,000. 2,  giving false  information with  intention to  mislead  public  servant  under  section  140  penal  code  to  serve one  year  imprisonment or  a fine of  25,000.
The  third  count  charge  is  fabrication of  false  evidence  punishable under  section 158  penal  code  law  to  serve  7 years  imprisonment  or  a  fine  of  75,000 . Totally 125,000.00  or  8 ½ year  imprisonment .
For the  daughter  Akpan Iyene  a student  of the   University , the  court  found  her  guilty  for  criminal  conspiracy  under  section 97  penal  code  law  to  serve  6 months  imprisonment  or  a fine of  25,000 . The  second  charge  is  given  false  information with the  intention to  mislead  public  servant  and   under  section 140  penal  code  law  is to  serve  one  year  imprisonment  or  a  fine of  25,000 respectively , the  amount  totally  50,000 fine  on her.
The  case  which  began  in  march 2016  has  suffered  series of  adjournments   at  Chief  Magistrate  Court  Chediya  GRA  Zaria  before it  was  finally  transferred  to the  Chief  Magistrate  Court  Pada , Zaria City where  the  judgment  was   delivered  on Thursday, 1st. April, 2021.
The case was filed by C.O.P. on behalf of the State. The nominal complainants in the case are   Alfa  Gimba  and  five  others against  Enobong  Joy  Akpan  at the  Chief  Magistrate  Court  Chediya  GRA, alleging them  to  have  conspired  and  kidnapped  her  daughter  Akpan Inyene  after  she  dropped   her  at  lecture  hall in the  University on March 3rd 2016.
The  investigation  began at the  University Security  Service  unit  and  later  it   was  transferred  to the Zaria   Area  commander  of  police  for   further  investigation in an   effort  to  know  the  truth of the  matter, after  the  police  investigation, the  people  alleged  were  found  innocent  and they were  discharged  by the police.
The  police  had  given Enobong Joy Akpan  one  week  to meet with nominal complainants  for   what  she  did but  she refused  and   additional  two  weeks  were  given  to her  still  she  didn’t  apologize,  then the Commissioner of Police  filed  a  case  against  Enobong  Joy  Akpan  at  Magistrate  Court  Chediya  GRA  Zaria .
The  complainants  are  Alfa Gimba, Rev J.F. Buka, Lawal  Yakubu Hunkuyi, Mohammed  Yunusa, Haruna Muhammed and  Salisu  Isa  all  are Senior   Staff  of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


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