Niger Shuts All Public Secondary Schools

Niger State Governor,Sani Bello


Growing security concerns and the urgency to roll out stopgaps may have informed latest decision by the Niger State Government in shutting down all its secondary schools across the state.
A government statement late Thursday afternoon in Minna confirmed that all state run secondary schools in the state were to round up all academic activities latest by this Friday, 12th Match.
The government action according to sources came on the heels of a recent meeting of the state’s security council where it was resolved that to properly nibbed all untoward security breaches and onslaughts by armed bandits who have been targeting government’s educational institutions, there was the need to give space for security agencies in the state to work out their intervention strategies within such public schools, do simulations and map out their dragnets.
The schools are expected to be closed for just two weeks during which the security agencies would do and finish their work within the schools.
The government statement alluded that the tense security situation in the state among other reasons had necessitated that such a far reaching action be taken. The schools are to be closed from Friday 12th to Friday 26th March, 2021.
The state’s commissioner of Education consequently directed that all public secondary schools must give all their students home work that would keep them busy during the break which should be used as part of their assessments on return.
On resumption, schools are to conduct first term examinations the statement further directed.                     


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