el-Rufai, Receives COVID-19 Vaccination Jab, Says It’s Free For All Kaduna Citizens



Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State, on Wednesday has said that everyone in the state is expected to be vaccinated because it is free.
The Governor made this known during an interview with newsmen shortly after himself and  Deputy, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe received their first jabs of the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine at the Government House  Clinic in Kaduna.
The governor said, “I felt nothing when I was injected, I didn’t know when I was injected. After fifteen minutes, I was asked to sit down just in case there was any reactions.
“The fifteen minutes passed, I was doing some work. I am going to Abuja to attend meeting now, I promise the people of Kaduna that every day they will see me so that they will know  there’s no side effects, I will be posting on my social media so that people will know that I am fine, I don’t have a stomach heck I don’t have a headache.
“I encourage everyone in Kaduna State to take it, of course those that are piriority are the front lines workers,  some of us that have to take the vaccine to show people that it is safe.”
Explaining further, he said: the senior citizens,  people that are of certain age, but is to reach everybody above 18 years.

“We hope that within the middle of next year, everyone must have been vaccinated.
” Firstly, this vaccines have minimum side effects,  less than one per cent of  the population even get headache,  so it is quite safe.
“Secondly,  if you take it, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get COVID-19, you may be infected by the virus, but the virus is so weak, it will just be like you have a backhache, you don’t need to use mentalator, the virus weakens.
“Thirdly, by the time the large population is vaccinated, we can open up completely, we can remove most of the restrictions, we will recommend that you wear masks as much as possible.
“According to a guildlines by Centre for Diseases Control of the United States, if all of you are vaccinated, you can even meet in a group without masks because you are all vaccinated. But if you are going into a place where you don’t know whether everyone is not vaccinated it is advisable that you wear your masks.
“Masks wearing will continue, and social distancing will be recommended,  but if everyone is vaccinated, our lives begin to go back to normal.
“We are  prioritising the vaccination of teachers so that all school will be open. We are also prioritising civil servants  because they interact with people.
“But at the end, everyone is expected to take the vaccine because it is free.
“There’s nothing to say rural communities will get it last, we are looking at groups of people, health workers whether they are rural and urban communities will have priority.
“Teachers, people above the age of 50  whether you are in rural or urban communities, every primary health center will be able to administer this, these vaccines will go everywhere. If you fall within this class, you will get it,” he assured.


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