Concerned Northern Forum Wants Okorocha Arrested

Immediate past Governor Senator Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

The Concerned Northern Forum (CNF), has said that its position on the unity and peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians irrespective of their differences is non negotiable.

It lamented a statement credited to one organization, the Ohaneaze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide, over the position on the multiple face off between the current Governor of Imo State and Senator Rochars Okorocha.

A statement issued by its spokesman, Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammed Kazeem, stated, “Our decision to call for his immidiate arrest is timely, as objective observers and principal stakeholders in One Nigerian Project, we are no longer ready to endanger the lives of our people living outside our region (Northern Nigerian). 

“If the authorities refuses to arrest Sen. Rochars Okorocha only our creator knows our fate and that of our people living in   Imo State, if Senator Rochars Okorocha takes the law into his hands again, just like he did couple of days ago, and the fight escalates, there will be transfer of agrrassion from the main causes of of the fight or crisis, to a tribal war, which can lead to a fight between the supporters  of the two camp’s  and our people the Northerners who are residing over there and doing their lawful businesses.”

The group added, “We have prominent politicians from our region, who have served jail terms and some are currently serving jail terms too, notable among them are former Governor’s of both Plateau and Taraba states.”

The group said that they believe in fairness and equity to all citizens at all levels, stressing that after their critical and holistic review on all the charges and allegations against Sen. Rochars, they suspect a foul play on his cases, and concluded that the fight against corruption and injustice is selective in Nigerian.

The statement noted that the common wealth of the masses of both Taraba and Plateau states where misappropriated and looted, by both former governors Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame, who are both landlords in the correctional centers, 

It observed that the people of Imo State have claimed to have serial evidences against Senator Rochars and yet he is a free man, roaming the streets of both Abuja and Imo State freely. 

“As youth, irrespective of ethnicity and religion, we need to help EFCC, ICPC to recover our common wealth from the few Nigerians who looted the country dry and that’s what the Concerned Northern Forum is doing and we will not stop till we achieve our aims. Rochas must face the law,” the group opined. 


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