Senate Committee Chairman On National Security Decries Insecurity


*says small, light arms proliferation threatening Nigeria’s unity 

*says two bills underway to Curb influx of Small Arms


The Chairman of Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Senator Abdullahi Ibrahim Giobir  has revealed that there are currently two bills sitting at the Senate which are aimed at curbing the influx of small and light arms into the country  as well as stopping the proliferation of small arms.

Chairman Senate Committee on Security, Senator Abdullahi Ibrahim Gobir, Sokoto East, APC, briefing journalists on security challenges at his office NASS, Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

Senator Gobir who was speaking with  journalists at his office in National Assembly on Friday in Abuja, highlighted the dangers that the inflow of arms poses to the society.
He said, “we have a problem with insecurity in this country and that insecurity is beginning to create a lot of problems which are threatening the unity of the country.
Gobir futher added that the Committee on Intelligence has been consulting with other stakeholders such as the Presidential Committee on Small and Light Arms in order to fashion out ways to curb the growing spate of insecurity which is occasioned by the proliferation of light arms in the country.
On community participation especially  regarding  to vigilante groups, he said that members of Vigilante Group should be well remunerated and their welfare funded by both the state and federal governments so that members can effectively participate in curbing insecurity.


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