Obiano Allays Fear Of Legacy Bridge Collapsing

Governor Obiano


Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano on Thursday allayed high rising fears that his legacy flyover located at aroma, along the Enugu-Onitsha expressway in Awka, Anambra State is about to collapse.

The rising fears among road users came on the heels of noticaeable cracks on the walls of the bridge. 

Speaking while taking journalists on inspection of the bridge, the state Commissioner for Works, Marcel Ifejiofor who represented the Governor said the Aroma flyover is strong and safe, contrary to the insinuations and scaremongering on social media that the bridge was collapsing.

He said, “The cracks being posted around as a sign that the bridge was collapsing had nothing to do with the integrity of the bridge, as it remains solid

“The gap is on the side embankment on the Enugu approach which has made scaremongers to shout was added following an accident involving a big lorry on the Kwatta bridge.

“The Aroma bridge was built to global standard, and the expansion is an intrinsic part of bridge construction and does not indicate a crack.

“The three Flyover bridges at Aroma, Kwatta and Amawbia were awarded in 2014 and 2015 and remain safe not to mention the fifteen other bridges built across the state by the Obiano administration.

“Our projects are built to last. People are questioning why we put a barricade to stop heavy-duty vehicles plying it, but we know why. It’s a hilly area, and we don’t want articulated vehicles failing while plying them. We are very well aware of what we did there.”

The Commissioner gave assurance of the governor’s commitment to the safety of lives of Anambra people at all times.

Earlier in his speech, the Construction Manager of IDC, Yousssef Zghaib, who handled the project, said that the embankment and the bridge are separate units adding that there is no cause for alarm.


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