In Spite Challenges Don’t Give Up, NAERLS Director Advices Farmers


The  Executive  Director  National Agricultural  Extension  and   Liaison Services  (NAERLS), Professor  Emmanuel  Ikani  has  advised  farmers  not  to give  up despite  all the  challenges  of  insecurity and  Corona Virus Pandemic.

He  gave the  advise  in an  interview  with  journalists in his  office on the issues  surrounding  farming  activities in  Nigeria.

Professor  Ikani  said that, farming is  a very  lucrative  business  and  advised that   farmers  should  not  independently  sell their    produce,   instead  government  should  buy  and  store up  for  eventuality.

According  to him,  agriculture was the  foundation of  Nigeria’s  economic  development  which  gave it the  opportunity to  have  oil and  become  the  largest  producer in  Africa.

The  Director  lamented  that  it  is  very  unfortunate  that Nigeria  developed  when there was  no  oil, but  it  was  agriculture that  sustained the  country’s  income, but  since  oil  was  discovered, the  sector neglected.

Professor  Emmanuel Ikani  said that his  priority is  to  promote  good  agricultural  practices  all over the  country  and  also  encourage  farmers  to    regard  agriculture as  a business.

He  said  to  achieve this, the  mindset  of  farmers  must  be corrected to  consider  farming as  a clean  business  that  they  should  take  agriculture  serious.

The  executive  director  emphasized that their  work  is  to  ensure  that  information, proven and   tested  in  agricultural  sector  that  will help to  boost  production is  disseminated  to the    stakeholders.

He  also  said that NAERLS  will  make  sure the  transformation of   agriculture  from  traditional  sector  where they   use  hoe  and  cutlasses  to  modern  farming.

Prof. Ikani explained that from  2012,  Nigeria   shifted  from  producing  agricultural  products  as  a means  of   feeding   to business.


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