Kaduna State Will Continue To Protect Its Youth From Drug Abuse, Empower Them With Skills, Jobs, el-Rufai Assures



Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State on Thursday said that the state will continue to protect the  youth from drugs substance abuse and empowering them with skills and jobs.

The Governor stated this during his remarks at the Northern Governor’s Forum meeting held  at the Government House in Kaduna.

The governor said that the state has entrusted them with a duty not only to provide shelter but to help find solutions.

“The north is specially affected in this tension and challenges in many of our states as criminal elements are raking rural economies, threathening lives and livehood, and  setting up ethnicity and  religious sources of conflicts.

“We will continue to protect our youth from drugs substance abuse  and empowering them with skills and jobs.

“The detailed agenda of this meeting reflects an awareness of these challenges and determination as leaders to address them. I am delighted to note that we shall be considering the report of committees we charged last year to propose measures on security, youth engagement, economic development and involve our traditional institutions and how to address it.

“We need to accelerate efforts, we need enduring peace and security, we have a chance to offer hope and shore up the spirit of our people, as our people are looking  up to us as leaders for solutions on peace and security in the North and Nigeria.

“There’s no room for trading blames, we must discharge roles as leaders to solve the challenges that confront  our regions and indeed Nigeria,” he said.

He welcomed all deputy governors, traditional rulers and representative of Federal Government, Northern Elders, while wishing them a successful deliberation.


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