NSTA: Village Head, Seven Others Killed As Bandits Free Ten Abducted Persons In Niger

Niger State Governor,Sani Bello


A late evening, terse news flash from the Niger state government on Tuesday has disclosed that ten persons from the lot kidnapped last Sunday afternoon by gun wielding men along the highway between Kundu and Garin Gabas on the Zungeru – Tegina road have regained their freedom and returned to Minna.
The statement did not offer any further details of the persons nor gave their names or gender. The statement did not also say if any ransom was paid for the freed persons
Just before noon on Tuesday, reports suggested that the Village Head of Kusherki, a sprawling community located in Kagara, less than fifty kilometres from the scene of last Sunday’s attack on travellers had been shot dead by armed bandits just as seven other persons in Munya were gruesomely hacked down in cold blood by some armed bandits.
The state government is now obviously overwhelmed by the ceaseless attacks by armed bandits even as it appear helpless.
The state governor, Abubakar Sani Bello in a statement, expressed outrage yet again at the latest killing of the Village Head of Kusherki, Mas’ud Abubakar.
He was slain by armed bandits who swooped on his house and abduction one of his wives two of children and some other persons.
At Kachuae, a small village in  Munya local government area, bandits killed nine members of village’s local vigilante and abducted twenty three  other persons including women.
The governor, in a statement, acknowledged that the increasing activities of kidnappers and bandits in parts of the state had become worrisome.
He said the murder of the Village Head was callous and a huge effrontery. He challenged security agencies in the state to up their games and track down the perpetrators of dastardly acts.
“You must fish out and ensure that the perpetrators of these heinous acts are brought to justice” he said. 
“The governor noted that the situation, particularly in the past 72 hours, had become regrettably alarming”. He lamented that while frantic efforts were ongoing to secure the release of the abducted NSTA passengers, the news of the killing of Mas’ud Abubakar, the Village Head of Kusherki and the killings in Kachuae were quite disheartening.
He however declared that despite the increasing activities of the criminal bandits, his administration will not be deterred nor discouraged by the turn of events.                     ==//==


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