Ex Gov Suggests Panacea For Banditry, Criminality



Former Governor of Niger State, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu has advised that state actors must up their games on networking with all security apparatuses operating within their domains to end sprawling insecurity situations across the country.
The former governor noted with concern the level of insecurity across the country which he said is getting quite worrisome even as cases of banditry, kidnapping and other grievous acts of criminality are on the rise as citizens are left to lament.
He said state governors must, as a matter of priority, own all the security agencies including the military, the police and its sister secret agency, as well as the Civil Defense Corps operating in their states and make them have sense of belonging and pride for working or serving in their states for the protection of the lives and properties of every law abiding citizen.
The former governor spoke in his house while fielding questions in an interview. He said securing lives and properties of citizens was the number one topmost responsibility of any government even as he argued that where such a singular act was in any default, the citizens were being shortchanged.
It can recalled when he assumed duties as governor following his election in 2007, the former governor had inherited an underlying, budding security threat from a volatile religious sect which had earlier occupied a territory in Mokwa council area of the state and had grown in size and influence from it’s earlier handful.
The sect had by 2008 amassed larger territories within the council and code named their area as “Darusalam”, where the sect had its own rules, religion, deviant social norms, a caste system, local vigilante, health care delivery system beside other daily administrative system as it increased in membership and in its influence.
It is on record that the former governor seamlessly dismantled the notorious sect from Niger state without a gunshot from the security agencies drafted to execute the task of evicting them from where they had exercised for themselves.
The former governor recalled that his style of administration was to own all the security agencies, nay all the federal establishments in the state and gave them all the necessary support and backing which made all the personnel to have a sense of belonging and pride for working in the state.
He said his administration operated a closely knitted system where there were steady flows of intelligence from the grassroot to the top, on daily basis. This according to him afforded  his government to know what was going on around the state every minute, round the clock.
“We had network of intelligence from every nook and crannies. The traditional institutions were involved. In every ward, those in authority at that level knew who had come in,  knew who was doing what, and so we had everybody on a profile” he added.
He suggested that the panacea to the sprawling insecurity situation across the country was for every state government to resolve to owned up the state security apparatuses, ensure the use of native institutions, local intelligence and be proactive in taking decisive step ahead of the criminal world so as to nib in the bud, any act of eventuality.
The former governor who also spoke on the degeneration in partisanship, warned that the current trend in overzealous expressions of partisanship where people outside the governing party are being intimated frequently through the use of state instruments of coercion, trampled upon, maligned, rubbished and jailed because they hold or belong to different political party, was not only undemocratic but tyrannical and anachronistic.
Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu was for eight years, the Chairman of the Forum of the Governors of Nineteen Northern States where he piloted the re-stratigization of the region’s economic development, education, agriculture, security, unity among other areas to make the region a truly reckoning bloc.
He also spoke on the restrengthening of the Peoples Democratic Party ahead of the next general elections and noted that the part that took over the reigns if power from the Peoples Democratic Party had proved grossly incapacitated, unprepared and had overrated itself.
He said it was unarguable that many a citizens today have been educated and are aware of which political party has a better prospects and programmes for the country and its citizens.                     


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