Baptist Women Missionary Union President Tasks Women On Appreciation

Baptist Church


The President of Women Missionary Union (WMU) of Kaduna Baptist Conference, Reverend Yosi Bitrus Tnushi, has admonished women to learn how to say thank you all the time.

The Women President made the call at the 44th Annual Conference in session of 2021 Kaduna Baptist Conference held in Kaduna.

According to her, the theme for this year is “Moving forward: finishing the race with joy Acts 20:24”,

She said, this year’s theme and the text draw attention to completing whatsoever task is given to us.

“The task of testifying to the gospel, and the leadership or work entrusted unto us, we’re to do it with joy,” she added.

Reverend Yosi Tnushi stressed the need for women to remember whom they are, and what they stand for as representatives of Christ, they are to live life without spots and blemishes as a bride to meet her husband.

“Let us learn to say sorry, the challenge of not finishing the race is becoming competitive in chuches and also in leadership, however, whatever position you occupy is a privilege that God has given you to serve,” she advised.

Reverend Tnushi urged women to treat everyone equal with respect, reminding them that everyone will give account to her creator.

She explained from Luke 17:11-19, “the one leper who received complete healing of physical and salvation needs because of the word ‘thank you’, Jesus said to him were you not ten? My son your faith had made you whole, when you appreciate in little, the Lord will bless with immeasurable blessings,” she said.


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