Protests In Nigeria Will Surely Be Hijacked By Hoodlums, Ndoma-Egba Warns

Senator Ndoma-Egba


Former Senate Leader, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, has warned against any further protest in Nigeria as it will definitely be hijacked by hoodlums any time any day.

Ndoma-Egba who gave the advice in Calabar while visiting his vandalised house for the first time, said “there is need to revisit the argument by the youths as “there are a lots of failed expectations from government. We have had a lots of missed points as a nation but will this protest address this messed points? I think rather it is a deliberate policy by the youths of this country to participate in the means of acquiring power”. 

“And the means of acquiring power today is through election. Let them have a deliberate plan to penetrate the political parties and take over. They have the numbers. But to begin to demonstrate, you know that hoodlums will hijack it.  Let me say that I have my worries that any protest again will still be hijacked by hoodlums and at the end of the day they would loss the whole essence of the protest”.

He said for historical purposes, “the leadership of this country has always been by youths. For instance the first Republic, who were the leaders? Who were those who fought our Independence? The Nnamdi Azikiwe’s who was in his 40’s, Awolowo was in his 30’s, Enahoro was in his 20’s. Then if you check the first generation of military leaders, there were governors who were 32. Those who did the  civil war, the Adekunle’s and the Obasanjo’s and the rest, they were all in their 20’s and 30’s, so the leadership of this country has always been youths”.

He expressed sadness that “we have people of a mind set to carry out this kind of very extensive damage to another person’s property. As you can see, they came very prepared with all sorts of craftsmen. It couldn’t have been spontaneous, it was something very deliberate, something predetermined but like I said in my statement I issued immediately after, I have forgiven them but that’s without prejudice to the law taking its course because I cannot influence the course of the law but for me as a person I have forgiven them”.

“I hope what they did here benefits them, or doesn’t benefit them in any way then it was a total waste of effort and energy. And what we have lost here is priceless. There are collections that predates me. There are books in my library that is my father’s practice book for instance, all gone. Momentous that were passed from one generation to another gone”. 
Commenting on the general the losses from the EndSARS in Cross River,  he said “I thought we were very few that were affected during the #EndSars riot, only for me to see the report from the Commissioner for Culture, 166 or there about buildings, the International Conference Center completely looted, even NIMC and WAEC completely looted, who benefits from all these.?

“On a personal note, I started this house in 1991 and only finished in January 2009, it took me whole 18 years. I wasn’t in the public sphere and you just think that somebody’s effort just because he spent 12 years in the Senate he acquired everything from the senate. There are unwittingly criminalising hard work”.

“We have heard the Arab spring, what difference have the Arab spring brought to the Arab world? There are nations that are prospering, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait but take a look at all the countries where you have the Arab spring and the revolution. So my advice is that they should take a second look at the history”. 

“The lessons from the last #EndSars protest are still too fresh, people lost businesses, economy were shut down, nobody benefitted from that.I think that the argument should be revisited” .


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