Senator Abaribe Warns On Nigeria’s Unity, Says Buhari’s FG May Be Last

President Muhammad Buhari


Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has again spoken about the affairs of the country.

Senator Abaribe is one man who is loved by many due to the way and manner he speaks.

Recently he spoke on several issues and this time around, he did not stop speaking.

The Senator made it known that this Buhari’s government may be the last government we are going to have in Nigeria.

The Senator made this disclosure on AIT current affairs programme, Focus Nigeria.

While speaking, he made it known that as it stands now, regions are setting up security outfits to protect themselves, and by doing that, it will weaken the government at the centre.

He went on and made it clear that he is afraid, because this government may be the last government the country will have.

When he was asked about the Eastern Security Network (ESN), which presently has no legal backing, Senator Abaribe made it clear that people have the right to life and therefore, can protect themselves if there is any need for them to do so.

According to him, it’s only a tree that stands when people are coming with knife or machete to cut it down.


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