Insecurity: President Buhari-led Government Has Failed Nigerians – Ex Kaduna Commissioner


By Amos Tauna, Kaduna
A former Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice of Kaduna state, Barrister Mark Jacob, has expressed sadness over the increased incessant attacks leading to the loss of lives and property under the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government in the country.
He noted that the All Progressive Congress, APC, led government has woefully failed Nigerians in all spheres since its assumption in government in 2015.
Speaking to Daily Post in Kaduna, Barrister mark Jacob said, “From 2015 to date, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government and All Progressive Congress, APC, have not been able to bring about the desirable change they made Nigerians to believed was coming their ways.”
The former Commissioner during former governor Ahmed Makarfi’s era, said, “What Nigerians are going through in the hands of the present government is totally unacceptable and nobody ever thought of it in the country.”

He added, “l am sad to comment on Nigeria currently. Every day one is confronted with sad news of your fellow human beings being killed every day not because they have done something to deserve it but some people somewhere feel they should not leave. They are being killed in their tens and more than that number.
“Lives of people are no longer saved, people are being killed like flies. It has made everything government is doing is useless. Our lives have so devalued and it is becoming normal for 10, 20 or 30 and even more are being killed every day. They don’t die of COVID-19 but the government is making noise about the pandemic. It pains me to see government going to spend #400bn on the acquisition of vaccines for COVID-19.”
He lamented, “l have no problem with people being in government but l have problem with somebody being in government and is devaluing the lives of citizens. That is the only issue disturbing me now that Nigerians lives no longer matter.”
The PDP chieftain observed that insecurity has finally made Nigerians not to travel for fear of the unknown, stressing that farming and doing other things for the survival of man is being crippled in the country following the activities of kidnappers, bandits, Boko Haram and other forms of criminality that has become the order of the day.
“It is so clear that insecurity has overwhelmed the government of Nigeria. The state Nigeria is, we have never seen even during war, the civil war was compelled to a particular region. The situation is shameful that we have a government but insensitivity to things are disturbing the lives of people in the country. We are being followed to our houses by kidnappers, no place in Nigeria is safe for anybody. The level of insecurity is so worst that it has never been this bad in the country,” he noted.
According to him, what Nigerians are experiencing is a human venture to change hands in order to ensure peaceful coexistence in the country, adding that this could be done through elections. 
“We expect that Nigerians should have voted this government out by 2019. Only God knows how they got to return to power but whatever it is, we hope that when the opportunities offer itself, Nigerians will have a better people to govern the land in 2023. Everybody has seen the failure of this government that it has failed the people,” he explained.
He added that, “The country is under seized and the government appears to be helpless. Come 2023, Nigerians must take their destiny in their hands. These people that got the power since 2015 appeared to be hungry, they got nothing to offer Nigerians. Everything they accused the previous government of they have done twice and there is no hope that things will improve in the country.”


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