TELA Maize Has Reached Advanced Stage In Breeding – Prof Rabi’u

African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), Project Manager on TELA Maize, Dr. Sylvester Oikeh


TELA Maize Project has reached an advanced stage in the breeding, results have shown that it can stand against stem borer and fall army worm to protect maize.

Principal Investigator of the project, Professor Rabi’u S. Adamu said the hybrids are highly yielding with average yield of 8 tonnes per hectare and the hybrids are drought tolerant.

Professor Rabi’u said, the TELA Maize is going to contribute significantly towards Nigeria’s attainment in self sufficiency in Mlmaize production.

According to him, multi locational trials are being planned during the rainy season across the country on fields to test the hybrids adaptation and yields.

Governors of Northern States where TELA Maize Project trial research took place, have contacted Institute For Agricultural Research (IAR) for collaboration so that their farmers can benefit from the new technologies developed by the IAR on maize and cowpea.

Institute of Agricultural Research, ABU Zaria has nearly concluded research process to release ‘TELA Maize’ two pest and drought resistance hybrids of Maize SAMMAZ 62 and SAMMAZ63.

“Courtesy visits have been paid to the Governor on Kano State and another is being planned for Nasarawa State”.

“Six major seeds companies have signified interest to produce and market certified seeds of TELA varieties and hybrids.

Professor Rabi’u said that licensing agreement is being worked out and is expected to be ready before the end of April this year.

“Some influential Nigerian farmer groups and organizations have visited the Maize trial fields and they were highly impressed with the performance of the hybrids.”


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