NIgeria Going Through Difficult Times – el-Rufai



Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State, on Thursday expressed concerns in which the country is going through very difficult times.

The Governor stated this during an interview with newsmen when he  received a delegation from the Church of Nigeria, led by the Primate, Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba in Kaduna.

el-Rufai, explained that the pandemic situation has been compounded by rising insecurity.

“The banditry is spreading all  across  Nigeria, we have been dealing with it in Kaduna for a while and we have more experience on it,” he said.

The Governor appealed to everyone to calm down, stressing that in every ethnic group or religion, there are good and bad people and they should not because of the activities of few bad elements, call the entire ethnic or religious  group  criminals.

He called on those that have responsibilities for law and order in ensuring peaceful coexistence to rise up to occasion and  do it.

“Here in Kaduna State, we’ve been trying to do  that trying to protect the rights of everyone to live and work in  Kaduna State without hindrance.

“I am happy to learn that the Northern State Governor Forums is issuing a similar statement, the chairman has called all the governor’s consulted to guarantee safety, the security of everyone living in  Northern Nigeria in spite of whatever is happening in all other parts of the country, this is what is needed, it is time to rise above mentality of thuggery.

“My stand has not changed, we are aware that they are groups that are meeting in Kaduna, and addressing a press conference,  they are free to do that,  the freedom to expression is guaranteed in the Constitution,” he said.

He however, added that if they issue any threat to any citizens of Nigeria living in Kaduna State, they will be arrested on the spot and they will be prosecuted vigorously.

“We will not tolerate anyone threatening any other Nigeria in Kaduna State and that is what we expect every other governor to do in his own state,” he said.

The leader of the deletion from the Church of Nigeria,  the Primate, Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba said they were in Government House to visit the governor and pray for the state and his administration.

The leader thanked the governor for distinguishing himself both at the Federal and state level for the nomerous projects which he carried out in the state.

“Our roles as religious leaders is to ensure that people do the needful by observing the COVID 19 pandemic protocols,” he said.

He assured that they will not relent in praying for the security of the state and the country at large.


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