Cross River Artists Unveil Largest Canvas Painting In Africa



A group of artists in Cross River State has unveiled the largest canvas paintings in Africa tagged “Calabar Peace Project”.
Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Timothy Undiendeye said the idea for the project was conceived in  December 2020 when few artists came to review the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and the world at large. 

Mr. Timothy Undiendeye one of organisers of Calabar Peace Project (Artists for Social Good foundation) commended guests for coming out to the Arts and crafts village, Cultural Centre complex,  for the unveiling of the largest Canvass painting project  in Africa.

“So you are here today either because you love arts,  you love  culture or you are passionate about calabar.  For some of  us Arts is something that has always been inside of us and we practice  it as a way of expressing creativity.

“But there are some people who are on the other side are not artists but they can appreciate them. I want to say those are the real and most important people.

“Because without the audience, there is no exhibition.”

Managing Director Of Sparkling FM, Mr. Effiong Nyong appreciated the fact that arts has its origin from Africa.

“if you look at the Egyptian writings as recorded in history, you will see the fact that arts has been with us from all time. 

“If you look at the tradition of the  Efik and all of the writings of it,  the signs,  the understanding and the interpretations the chronicle of history is all expressed in arts. If you look at the city and look at the masquerades, the colours and it’s combinations, the music, the dance, expressions, how it resonates with drum interpretation it shows that the masquerades understands what the drums are saying.

“All of these are the function of the arts. Our different dialects can also be expressed in art. 
Art is the only language that cuts  across culture and traditions. History is arts.  Arts represents the story, history  humanity and mankind and we  cannot separate ourselves from arts.

“As a tool for social engineering how do we galvanise our young people through arts.  Arts transcends barriers through music, dance, drama, writing, painting and through representation. 

“All of these are works of arts convey  messages from artists and so we need to support the arts. When we support arts we support history and at the same time telling our story.”


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