Demand Accountability From South West Elected Leaders, Group Tasks Yorubas


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Eminent Yoruba leaders under the umbrella of  Yoruba Global Alliance (YG) on Friday tasked Yorubas to demand accountability from all elected leaders from Yorubaland
The group gave the charge in a statement issued at the end of its January Meeting chaired by veteran journalist and YG Leaders Council Chairman, Chief Tola Adeniyi
YG in the statement pointed out that there is the need for Yoruba people at home and abroad to be conscious of the fact that  “in democracy, the first port of call for issues regarding public affairs is the office of elected officials”.  
According to YG, “charity begins at home and in all we endure or disagree with in Nigeria, we must start by lodging our complaints and comments from those elected in the name of and behalf of Yoruba people.”
“There is no doubt that Yoruba people generally feel unsecured, unserved and shackled in Nigeria as it stands today, but rather than get just emotional or desperate about things, YG calls for a deliberate approach which starts from holding accountable those elected, nominated, charged and paid to represent Yoruba people and interest”, it said
The group added, “our greatest danger does not come from outside but from inside, and more specifically, it comes from those charged with protecting our people, land, interest and culture but refuse to do their duty either out of fear, ignorance or collusion.”  
YG noted  that the time has come for Yoruba people at home and abroad to ask themselves ” what are those who went to Abuja in the name of Yoruba people doing or thinking when they get to the Nigerian table to keep quiet when the Abuja passes laws, proposes policies and makes utterances that do not stand well with Yoruba people.”  
“Yoruba people need to demand that all elected and nominated officials go back to their immediate constituencies to make statement of their position on security in Yorubaland, welfare of Yoruba People and listen to the view of the people.”.

YG then advised all Yoruba politicians, from Local Government level to the highest offices, to brace themselves for giving account of their positions and stewardship on all issues and to learn to guide their actions and utterances using the principle “Yoruba People are watching and will ask questions”.


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