Guarantee Safety Of Lives, Livelihood Of Nigerians To Avert Self Help, Group Tells FG

President Buhari

*warns against attempt to arrest Sunday Igboho

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) on Wednesday asked the Federal Government to guarantee the safety of the lives and livelihood of Nigerians to avert  self help from sectional activists.
DSM in a statement  by its  Organising Secretary , Comrade Peluola Adewale attributed the alleged failure on the Federal government and other tiers of governments in the country at arresting the increasing spate of insecurity in and across Nigeria in the recent times.
The group stressed that there is the need forthe “government to arrest and prosecute all perpetrators as well as adequate compensation to victims, including farmers, communities and pastoralists”.
“Without equivocation, we recognise that it is the failure of government at all levels to satisfactorily address the age-long concerns and outcry of farmers including many other Nigerians who have fallen victim to series of nefarious activities like despoliation of farms by cattle, kidnapping, rape and armed robbery, all seen to be committed by criminal herders of Fulani extraction, that has created the condition for the current upheaval. Equally, it is this sense of cluelessness of the state and implicit support for the herdsmen by the present regime that has led to the emergence of militant tribal elements like Sunday Igboho and other sectarian forces”, it said
DSM added, “against this background of state failure, there is no way people will not seek the option of self-help, hence the rise of Igboho. Nonetheless, genuine Socialists cannot fail to recognise that Igboho’s ethnic-jingoist rhetoric, just like that of Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB, is not the way forward because they fail to recognise that despite the brutal legacy of colonialism, it is the system of capitalism that prioritizes profit for the rich few that is the major obstacle to the peaceful coexistence of the constituent parts of Nigeria.”

The group however cautioned against any plan to arresti the Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho over the Ibarapa issue saying the threat of arrest of Chief Sunday Igboho cannot solve the insecurity situation in Ibarapaland as well as end the hostilities between the farmers and the herders in the area..
“The threat to arrest Sunday Igboho will only further incense the populace and may lead to a violent reaction. To this extent, we condemn the reported attack and burning of his residence located in Oyo state by yet-to-be identified criminal elements in the early hours of Tuesday 26 January 2021. Such actions if unchecked will deepen division and lead to a violent crisis” .
It noted that “arresting or attacking Sunday Igboho, whom many see as a fighter against killer herdsmen, in the face of glaring failure of security agencies, can only incite mass anger. This is something which can only be countered by an independent action by working people directed both against the criminal attacks and those who seek to take advantage of the crisis to divide the working people and the poor for their own personal gain.”


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