Give Grain Production Emphasis More Than Vegetables – IAR Director

6,000 hectares of land being cultivated during the 2019/2020 irrigation farming in the dry season in Gombe State.


 The  Director  Institute  for   Agricultural  Research (IAR)  Professor  Mohammed   Faguji  Ishiyaku  has  advised  dry  season farmers  to give  grain  production more  emphasis  than  vegetables.

He  gave the  advise  in an  interactive  session with  journalists in  Zaria, adding that considering the   low  production  of   grains during the  raining  season as  a  result   of the  nationwide  lockdown  and  security  challenges in   most  grain production areas, it was important to produce them during the dry season farming.

Prof.  Faguji Ishiyaku  said  that farmers  must  commit  themselves   more  to food production   so that  the  wide  gap   created  by the  COVID-19  and  insecurity  challenges  will be  covered.

According  to him, the  COVID-19  pandemic has  not  made  agricultural  production  handcapped  completely  and   for  that,  urgent  measures  had  to be  taken to  save  the  country  from   food  shortage.

He  suggested  that  federal, states  and  local  government areas should  introduce  incentives  to  farmers that  can  assist  them  to  cover  their  losses  during production.

The  Director  emphased that  if  farmers  were  properly  supported, they  will  produce  food  in  deficit  which  will  lead  to the  price  of  food  stuff  reducing  and affordable to the  common  man.

Professor  Ishiyaku said that the institute    released  three new  sweet  sorghum varieties in  2020   for the  production of  Sugar  light  syrup and  also  six  new  varieties  of maize.


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