APC Chieftain, Munir Gidado Chides Former Governor Bindow’s Activities


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, (APC), from Adamawa State, Munir Gidado, has described the immediate past governor of the state, Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, as “Janus-faced traitor”, and Fintiri’s political factotum in APC whose sole purpose is to rock the ship of the party for self serving motives. 
The chieftain said in the statement, “Recent actions and utterances of former governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow have been giving stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress goose pimples and sleepless nights, because the former governor betrays no emotion in speaking from both sides of his mouth.
“Rightly or wrongly, a number of stakeholders believe that Bindow is a Janus-faced traitor, and Fintiri’s political factotum in APC whose sole purpose is to rock the ship of the party for self serving motives.” 
He observed that such actions of the former Governor have made a number of stakeholders to take his utterances with a pinch of salt as they did not only doubt his sincerity but believe that his touted loyalty to party is questionable.
“Is it not preposterous for a man who rode on the crest of the party to power for four years to ask members of the same party in the state not criticize the current ruling party despite its numerous shortcomings?
“The fact that Bindow has become a master of doublespeak who has been championing the cause of PDP in his private and public engagements instead of charting a course for his party’s victory ahead of the 2023 general election is indisputable,” he noted.
He explained that Bindow has uncannily transformed to an incorrigible apologist of the PDP sparing no effort to defend the ruling party, its the government and the governor whenever an opportunity to do that presents itself.
He noted that the governor proclaimed to be a member of the APC and campaign for the PDP even at the party secretariat has been both befuddling and confusing as the action betrays lack of conscience, humility and the needed dose of loyalty expected from an individual that benefitted so much from the party.
Munir Gidado said that it is on record that the former governor has in recent times become so much obsessed with defending his new hobby to the extent that he felt no qualms about the notorious image such endeavour is giving him, adding that Bindow seems too preoccupied to notice that his actions are earning him general rebuke and portraying him as everything wrong in the APC.   

He stressed, “Since he came back into the state almost two years after he was ousted from power, by the PDP behemoth, Bindow has poignantly maintained the posture of a sellout, dining with the APC in the morning and sleeping with the PDP in the night.
“Bindow’s comments during his first visit to the party secretariat was the icing that portrayed his innermost biases and insincerity towards his party.”
He lamented that the the ex-governor has collected huge kickbacks from Fintiri to help him destroy APC on the premise that the ex-governor would be rewarded with the senatorial ticket of Adamawa north senatorial zone, so as to fight governor Fintiri’s arch enemy, Senator Ishaku Abbo who has become a torn in the governor’s flesh.


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