Surgical Operation, Cleansing The IPPIS



The Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) is a public service reform backed by Nigerian Federal Government (FG) in its public service sector through the use of Information and Communications Technology(ICT). 

The major aim of IPPIS is to  adequately ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of administration of salaries, wages and other allowances in Nigerian public sector such as Ministries, Departments, Agencies and other reputable institutions of government. 

The IPPIS commenced around 2007, but it was largely implemented in 2015. The Secretariat is a department domiciled in the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) is responsible for payment of salaries and wages directly to the bank accounts of federal government employees.

Subsequently and appropriately, IPPIS deducts remits third party charges and payments from salaries and wages workers. The charges include Federal Inland Revenue Service, State Boards of Internal Revenue, Value Added Tax, National HealthInsurance Scheme, National Housing Fund, Pension Fund Administrator, Cooperative Societies, Trade Unions Dues, Association Dues and Bank Loans.

It simply implies that public staff enrolled in IPPIS have their financial engagement checked and monitored. 

This is a prove that the IPPIS would drastically and holistically reduced or completely eliminate all forms of corrupt and sharp practices as well as facilitate modern scientific and apt budgeting cum forecasting to enhance transparency and accountability in the public service sector.

The overall important goal of the IPPIS is to ensure stability of remuneration and accurately within statutory and contractual obligations.

Furthermore, the IPPIS scheme envisaged a centralized payroll system that will enable government to plan and manage its recurrent budget expenditure by ensuring proper control of personnel cost.

In summary, the key functions of IPPIS include management of FG employees’ records, payment of salaries and wages to the employees, deductions of taxes and other third party payments, remittance of payroll deductions to the benefitting bodies, and enrolment of employees into the IPPIS database. 

Since the establishment of the IPPIS, it is alleged that it had saved billions of naira for the FG via elimination of thousands of ghost workers and allied matters.

However, over the years IPPIS is facing some challenges, which are not limited to; lack of sufficient skills transfer to government  personnel which prolong consultants stay on the project, poor state of supporting infrastructure such as low internet penetration, technological barrier, problem associated with transfer of pay point due to the posting of employees from IPPIS MDA to non-IPPIS MDA, resistance from stake holders which have prolonged implementation as well as poor political will.

Nevertheless, the Director of IPPIS, Dr Ben Nsikak Nyang (FCA) is gradually confronting these challenges with his expertise skills.

Dr Ben is a multi-talented, highly achieving gentleman of very radiant personality, a great Nigerian and who attained high distinction in many theatres of national life and grew ranks of administrative discipline.

Dr Ben is an outstanding individual whose recent appointment is gradually putting up changes in the the administrative operation of the unit.

An alumni of Ahmadu Bello University, also an Accountant, Dr Ben is making a monumental impact in the administration of IPPIS, the recent suspension of ASUU cannot be unconnected to his leadership in the IPPIS unit.

Since his appointment, he is deploying his wealth of experience andknowledge to ensure that there is sanity in the IPPIS in carrying out its required responsibilities, no doubt, the complaint payment of fraction of salaries is gradually undertaking by oblivion. 

The staff in his unit are delighted with his leadership disposition and acumen, he is a great team leader that carry all his staff along, adding to the network of relationships with other unit at Office of Accountant General of the Federation.

At this period of time, Nigeria government is encouraging fiscal prudence; Dr Ben Nsikak needs our support and prayers to pilot the affairs of the IPPIS in order to ensure a complete sanity in the unit and for the benefit of the federation.

The scheme recently is described as nonrelatives that does not exchange with other stakeholders,so isolated or as boondoggle project.

The system was classically viewed as “no go area”, things are done closed, the heads are always incommunicado, negotiations skills, public relations is near zero not until the sudden realization and prompt action by Mr fix it.

The Accountant General of the Federation by changing the leadership of IPPIS by appointing Dr, Ben Nsikak as New Director of IPPIS.Dr Ben had brought his vast experience to bear on system, cleansing the system, opening it to stakeholders and his prompt response to problem of entire system.

The recent milestone achieved in resolving the chronic industrial action testify that the system is actually working among systems under the OAGF and Ministry of Finance Chief Executives and Personnel with different problems are felt the sigh of relief, as they always properly attended, this has changed the atmosphere in relation with relevant stakeholders.

CEOs and others have easy access to the scheme without any hindrance, thereby resulting to National industrial harmony in all public sectors being dashboard for openness and transparency.

Comrade Usman Umar Secretary General.


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