Kankara Schoolboys Abduction: Insecurity An Existential Matter Must Be Tackled Robustly – CNG

Buhari with service chiefs


The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), has noted that the issue of insecurity in the country should be seen as an existential matter that needs to be addressed and tackled robustly and defeated once for all. 
CNG observed that it is unacceptable a situation where dangerous security challenges such as the ones Nigerians are faced with, are being treated with levity and condescension by the President and those saddled with the responsibility of tackling them to the point where people are forcefully prohibited from accessing their farms and plying major roads and highways, or our schools forced to shutdown with children forced out of school. The CNG in a statement issued by its spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman on Saturday in Kaduna, said, “No people can aspire to greatness or seek to remain secure and safe when its entire population, particularly the youth and farming communities that represent the productive segments of society are exposed to such level of danger in the hands of murderous gangs of criminals who operate at will and with ease.”
The statement explained that the released of the Kankara schoolboys should not be seen as a moment for celebrations alone but as a starting point for a vigorous struggle for a sustained collective action to ensure a conclusive pronouncement of victory with total disarmament, demobilization and reintegration.

The Coalition of Northern Groups revealed that they have plan to unveil a viable umbrella to involve every significant component of northern society as stakeholders and committed actors in a struggle to free the society of what they called “hazardous and debilitating security problem” in the face of the apparent lack of political will and capacity on the part of the federal government.

They called on the young and old, men and women, leaders and the led, politicians and civil servants, businessmen and women, teachers and students, and people from all walks of life to get involved in the struggle to eradicate the menace of insecurity from the region and the country as a whole.

The statement warned Northern governors that the problem confronting the country must be confronted collectively with the entire will and resolve of all states behind the effort, stressing that failure to do so will indubitably mean that every effort made in isolation will defeat all endeavours, and render the task the more difficult and futile.

It called on Mr President and the federal authorities that the problems are there to be solved or ameliorated and never to be shied away from. “They must therefore, either recommit to act to solve this challenge quickly as a matter of the most urgent consideration, or tow the decent path of integrity by admitting failure and giving chance for self protection,” the statement explained.

The coalition called on Nigerians to be cautioned against seeing these challenges as affecting only one region or state or, for that matter, one ethnic group or the other, but on the contrary, they are cross-national issues that affect every one regardless of where they live or come from.


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