Dujiman Zazzau A Celebrated Politician



A celebrated politician and a humanitarian par excellence

Hon. Samaila Suleman is the last “pure example” of what a real Nigerian should be like, has started his race, with winning, His successes in politics and business within and outside the nation as a philanthropist must be well documented with a Gold Medal, he is a true definition of Touching lives,
He is many things to many people, but his greatest humanitarian feat was his contribution in making sure he touch the lives of the masses.

This humanitarian gesture alone is what distinguished him from the many who, to this day disagreed with him. He has in his collective wisdom and passion, sought fit to “bridge the divide that obviously existed creating a very wide gap between the high classes and the common man.

Hon. Samaila Suleman(Dujiman Zazzau) always give from his heart, freely and often. In fact no superlatives would not do him justice. He crossed the colour line and touched all with his philanthropy. There has never been or will be another politician who has helped more, especially ordinary people than Dujiman Zazzau.

Let me reiterate, he crossed every boundary with his generosity, racially, politically, socially. There was a profound respect for him by everyone from all walks of life. The small man from “over the hill” welcomed him, more than any other. The good people of Kaduna State have been searching for a hero under every nook and cranny, they even created reasons why some should be known as heroes, but few can say that he was not a hero by all the people. He is well respected and revered, I can find no other Youth who has represented what we all should be like. He was the best of all. He epitomised what “love thy neighbour as thyself” really means. He lived it, with a smile.
There are few if any who can say anything negative about him. He alone was in this category. Not even in the society can we find a warm, selfless human. Hon. Samaila Suleman would be unanimously known by every Nigerian as the “hero of heroes, par excellence”.

He loved his people and we loved him too. What a glorious life he is living, He cant be replaced any time soon, An era has started,The sun has risen and shining bright.

We should always thank God that he allowed a man like Hon. Samaila to live. I trust that we would use your life as a measuring stick to fashion our lives where all men are created equal and be treated as such.
I am comforted that you will make a good leader.


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