Hemophilia Foundation Distributes N4.7bn Worth Drugs



Hemophilia Foundation of Nigeria (HFN) has said that it has distributed life saving drugs to persons with bleeding disorder in the country worth 4.7 billion Naira amounting to 4.156,500 I.U ( International Units) received from the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) in 2020.

This disclosure was made by Mrs. Megan Adediran, the Country Executive Director of HFN who wants more of Federal Government’s involvement in the provision of drugs and treatment centres for persons with bleeding disorder in an interview with New Nigerian yesterday.

She added that the drugs were given to the Foundation by WFH freely as part of its contribution to saving the lives of persons living with bleeding disorder.

“The WFH since the inception of the Foundation in 2005 has provided all the necessary drugs needed by persons with this live threatening disorder freely. Hence, our partnership with 13 Specialist Hospitals (treatment centres) across the country.”

“In fact, the number of identified patients rose by 4.65 percent in 2020. It rose from 465 identified patients in 2019 to 560 in 2020.”

According to her, the medical workers in these treatment centres are working as volunteers, meaning, it’s their own way of helping to save lives.

“The foundation in doing all it can to save lives, also act as the Voice of Patients to enable health workers and government do the needful in alleviating the pains of persons with bleeding disorder.”

“We are actually tugging health workers and government on the importance of helping to make persons with bleeding disorder lead normal lives.”


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