Homosexualism, Lesbianism Unconstitutional, Attracts 14yrs Imprisonment In NIgeria, Lawyer Warns

Nigerian policemen active on duty

By; BAYO AKAMO Ibadan,

 A constitutional Lawyer, Barrister Xeenarh Mohammed has hinted that it is now unconstitutional to engage in homosexualism, lesbianism in Nigeria 
Barrister Mohammed while dropping this hint in Ibadan declared that homosexualism and lesbianism now attract 14 years jail term.
Emphasizing that the Nigerian constitution has outlawed Homosexualism and Lesbianism, he  said as at present, 47 men accused of homosexuality are currently standing trial in a Nigerian court
“Same-sex relationships are criminalized in Nigeria, along with a ban on gay marriage, same-sex “amorous relationships,” and membership of gay rights groups, with penalties of up to 14 years in prison.”, he said.

According to the constitutional lawyer, the men who said they are innocent of the charges, appeared in court on Thursday, adding that the 47 accused persons are among a group of 57 men arrested  at a birthday party when police invaded the hotel and rounded up guests.
He stressed that the Nigeria Police Force, arraigned the arrested men with charges of “public show of same sex amorous relationship with each other in hidden places and claimed the event was a gay initiation party. 
Mohammed maintained  that the police also paraded the accused on television which he said had made them subjects of homophobic attacks after they were released last year.
“Many of them were disowned by their families after they saw them on TV. A dry cleaner among them lost clients that feared he could introduce their kids to homosexual acts,” he said.
The constitutional lawyer stressed further that, in the recent past, a budding musical artist, Shulammite Nkiru Emeghara, alleged of lesbian was hounded out of the country by the Police with the connivance of her family members for being a lesbian”, adding that “the family said she is a disgrace to their family and were ready to give testimony in court against her. If convicted, she could go in for 12 years maximum jail term.
He stressed that in Abuja, a lady banker, Chimdimma Egbe, 
Sarah Gomwalk, Uju Okoye, Isioma Okafor and Esther Okonkwo who were at a private party were caught by the Police and arraigned in the court of law.
The constitutional lawyer added further that another UK returnee, Miss Feyi Olunrebi and Zainab Mohammed were also arrested in an Abuja restaurant and taken to the Police Station for further prosecution while two other ladies, Joy Obasi and Ann Lucy Onuorah were caught in Ibadan on the Lagos- Ibadan expressway way cuddling in a car while  they were beaten up by an irate crowd and handed over to the Police for prosecution.


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