international Day: Global Peace Foundation Calls For Increased Voices Against Violence, Kicks Off 16 Days Activism For Women

Revd Joseph John Hayab


As the world marks the international Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Religious and political leaders must increase their voices and take concrete actions  now to stop the growing menace of violence against women in our society.
This was expressed by the  Country Director Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, Reverend John Joseph Hayab in a statement he personally signed and made available to newsmen in Kaduna, which added that the organisation is carrying out 16 days of activism..

“The period of COVID-19 pandemic became a period of double tragedy for women.In obedient to lockdown instructions by Government and our Health experts many women entered into another serious challenge of violence at home.We at the Global Peace Foundation Nigeria preaches that We are One Family Under God.
“This esteem human family has men, women and children.Injustice to anyone of them is Injustice to the family,” he said.
Revered Hayab  in the statement titled, “Let us act now to stop Violence against Women in our Society” said that God created us all and had  endowed everyone of us with special abilities and roles so that we can contribute to building our homes, society and the nation at large.

“We therefore must not treat anyone badly because of his or her Gender.People who are treated badly or with violence find it difficult to effectively influence their society because they will always live in fear and feeling of inferiority.Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is therefore appealing to husband’s and men in general to always treat their wives and women  as Queens so that they will joyfully bring out their God’s given potentials for the development of the home and the society at Large.Children often learn the ways of living from Home.
“We must teach and show our adolescent male Children good examples of respect, tolerance, support and the need to celebrate their female age mates.If our adolescent boys  grow appreciating girls ,they will not be violent to any woman in the future.
“We should not treat those who  rape children and women with a kid gloves. Our laws should be strengthened for victims to get justice and perpetrators be seen punished,” he advised.
The Country Director said that the Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is joining the global community to carry out a 16 days activism through workshops, preaching, lobbying our political leaders and mobilizing many more faith leaders to join in this important campaign so as to bring to a stop any form of violence against women.
“We recognize women as our mothers, sisters, friends, wives and fellow creation of God for the good of our homes, society,nation and the world at large,” it concluded.


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